Kim Min-ah, controversy over the imitation of the scene of ‘Inside Men’, which is not allowed to watch for those younger 19

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Kim Min-ah imitates the scene of actor Lee Kyung-yeong’s alcohol drinking scene in the movie ‘Inside Men’, causing controversy.

Kim Min-ah revealed her hobbies and specialties in the ‘We Only Knowed Each Other Today’ section of ‘Because Man House’, a YouTube channel released on the 20th.

Min-ah Kim did a vocal mimic of Choi Hwa-jeong. In addition, Kim Min-ah said, “You don’t have to say this, because you can’t speak.” She stood up in front of the table and showed the motion of waving her waist to the side, and the subtitle ‘Oh my God’ appeared.

When this video was released, netizens speculated that Min-ah Kim copied the scene of Lee Kyung-yeong’s alcohol drinking scene in the movie ‘Inside Men’, that teenagers are prohibited from watching. Netizens responded that they were uncomfortable with the individual skill in the video. On the other hand, other netizens defended Kim Min-ah, saying that it was only a parody.

On the other hand, Kim Min-ah was talking with middle school student A in a video posted on ‘What the Back Season 2’on YouTube ‘Korean Government’ channel ‘What the Back Season 2’in May of last year. It has been controversial over remarks that can be interpreted as sexual harassment.

Accordingly, in July of that year, Kim Min-ah said, “I am clearly aware of the mistake I attempted to bring in my personal domain under the name of broadcasting and make a caricature. I’ll be careful.”

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