MC Dingdong X Yoo Seong-eun meets today (22nd) ‘Love Share Market’… Donate all sales money [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Dingdong Happy Company, led by MC Ding-dong, presents a new live commerce broadcast.

On the 22nd, Dingdong Happy Company said, “Beyond the online home shopping format, the unique live commerce broadcast ‘Love Share Market’ including the announcement and donation of new songs by singers will be held through Naver Shopping Live from 5 pm on this day.”

‘Love Share Market’ is a sharing broadcast to exert good influence and good change in the form of a donation challenge in which celebrities and celebrities participate. It is a concept of selling donation tickets through live broadcasting and donating the entire amount of the sale through the Green Umbrella Foundation.

The first guest is singer Yoo Seong-eun. Various contents other than donations will be unfolded through live broadcasting, such as an online fan meeting through chat after showing the stage of the new song ‘I’ll Listen to you’ live.

In particular, an event is also prepared to receive the story of the bride and groom during the broadcast and go to the wedding of the adopter. You can participate in the event by purchasing a donation ticket worth 1,000 won and posting a story through chat during the broadcast, and MC Ding-dong will see the society and Yoo Seong-eun will sing a song for free at the wedding of the bride and groom adopted in the event. to be.

An official at Dingdong Happy Company said, “I want to show the evolution of live commerce through a donation channel that can exert a good influence not only by the participation of singers but also by the participation of celebrities beyond home shopping. I will try to make the ‘Love Share Market’ lead to a sustainable challenge rather than a one-off program.”

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