‘My Way’ Lee Yong-nyeo “I slept in a dog shelter… a fire at an organic dog shelter”

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

After the fire at Actor Lee Yong-yeo’s abandoned dog shelter, the current situation will be revealed.

On TV CHOSUN ‘Star Documentary My Way’, which airs on the 22nd, the current status of actor Lee Yong-nyeo, who is famous as a charismatic scene stealer and ‘Great Mother of Stray Dog’, is revealed.

Lee Yong-nyeo, who made her debut as a theater actress in 1975 and crushed the ‘7080 theater world’, confesses that one day, “life has changed 180 degrees due to an injured abandoned dog.” From then on, Lee Yong-nyeo brought stray dogs from all over the place, and her living expenses became scarce, and after hearing that “movies become money”, she left the theater and made her debut on the screen.

Since then, she has appeared in various movies such as ‘Girl’s High School Ghost Story’, ‘Kindly Golden Ja’, ‘Gokseong’, ‘Girl’, and also makes a big success in dramas ‘The Master’s Sun’ and ‘Voice’, leaving a strong impression on the public. .

Director Park Chan-wook praised Lee Yong-nyeo as “an actress with a wide range of acting that can create a terrifying feeling that other actors do not have, and can create a very friendly and intimate feeling.”

However, a few weeks ago, shocking news came that Lee Yong-yeo’s stray dog shelter was burned down in a fire accident, and she and her dogs had lost their home. Because of the cold, the plastic on the roof melted with the heat and fell on the briquette stove, and the plastic quickly burned down, hitting the house and eight puppies of more than 60 pyeong. Lee Yong-nyeo, who ran away with the remaining puppies, said that she slept in a silk thread without water, gas, or electricity.

Volunteers from all over the country visited her shelter to help Lee Yong-yeo. Starting with chef Lee Yeon-bok, the master of lunch, actors Oh Hyun-kyung and Kim Mi-kyung visited the shelter.

Lee Yeon-bok said, “We (Yoo Gi-dog meeting) on social media said, ‘Let’s help each other, and I just encouraged it. We raised a little and decided to come together.” “I just contacted the teacher after finding the phone number.” You can also see the hands of warmth helping Lee Yong-nyeo in need on the broadcast.

On the other hand, a pleasant meeting of ‘Original Sensual Sisters’ is also depicted. Lee Yong-nyeo dresses up her flowers after a long time and goes on a date with ‘her idol’, actor Sun-young. The two actors tell a story behind the scenes that they can’t tell with unusual grievances, saying, “It was difficult to take on other roles because of the intense ‘shaman’s acting. An outing for Hanbok organized by Choi Choi in order to comfort the younger Lee Yong-nyeo, who has been struggling for a while, is also revealed.

The story of actor Lee Yong-nyeo, who is comforted and feels much greater happiness when with puppies, can be seen on TV CHOSUN ‘Star Documentary My Way’ at 10 pm on the 22nd.


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