‘Playing Sister’ Han Yu-mi, “If I receive bad comments, I can’t control my heart”…

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Han Yu-mi, who is the synonymous with joyfulness, tears out as she reveals the story hidden deep in her heart.

On the T-Cast E channel ‘Playing Sister’ (directed by Bang Hyun-young, Park Ji-eun), which airs on the 23rd, the second story of the older sisters who entered the temple unfolds. It stimulates curiosity about what the worries and anguish of the older sisters who shared their feelings for the first time through a chat session with a monk.

In particular, attention is focused on the story Han Yu-mi carefully sheds out the story. Although she is dreaming of becoming a leader, she is worried that the image shown on the broadcast will make it seem light.

Also, as a person receiving public attention, she confesses that she was hurt through offensive comments or comments that cannot be avoided. She said that she cried out with a trembling voice saying, “When I get a bad comment, I can’t control my heart.” It is paying attention to what kind of wounds are hidden behind her always bright and lively appearance, and whether the answer can be obtained through the chat session.

On the other hand, Rich Sister Park Se-ri also confesses, “I don’t know if I’m doing well these days.” Since she has always shown her close to perfect image, Park Se-ri raises questions about the reason why she brought up such a story.

In addition, Kwak Min-jung confesses, “I want to be likable to more people,” and honestly talks about the various feelings she feels from Jung Yu-in, who has a different personality from her. Even though she is of the same age, she says that she has been able to look back on herself while seeing Jung Yu-in, who is reliable and takes good care of the people around her.

On the night of a quiet temple stay, the T-Cast E channel ‘Playing Sister’, where the self-reflection of the older sisters who broke the silence, will unfold, will be broadcast at 8:50 pm on the 23rd.

It is broadcast on the T-Cast E channel ‘Playing Sister’ and aired on Netflix, and you can see the live news of the players right away through the official Instagram and YouTube E channel.


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