‘Be My Dream Family’ Ham Eun-jung and Joo A-reum

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Ham Eun-jung and Joo A-reum’s sister chemistry exploded.

A lovely two-shot of actors Hahm Eun-jung and Joo A-reum of KBS1’s new daily drama ‘Be My Dream Family’ (played by Myung-jae Yeo, directing Kim Jeong-gyu), which airs for the first time on the 29th, has been released and is captivating.

Ham Eun-jung and Joo-A-reum, who are tenderly folded in their arms in the published photos, bring out the happy smiles of those who show off their chemistry like their own sisters.

In this work, Ham Eun-jung is a teacher who runs a judo gym and is the second daughter of Kang Mo-ran (played by Park Jun-geum), and Joo A-reum plays as her worldly good sister-in-law Min Ga-eun.

Ga-eun, who lives in Morane with her only brother married, follows a bunch like her real sister, and fights with childish quarrels, and is born again as a real sister, although the blood is not mixed.

Ham Eun-jung and Joo A-reum meticulously monitor each other’s shooting scenes, and they are said to create a friendly atmosphere, such as sticking to each other during the breaks between shooting, and falling into a chatter. Is raising expectations for

‘Be My Dream Family’ will be broadcast for the first time on the 29th, following ‘No matter what anyone says’ that is currently being broadcast.


Photo courtesy of KBS

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