D-1 ‘Oh My Ladylord’ Lee Min-ki, impassioned → anger → impatient 3 step expression change… What happened?

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Oh My Ladylord’, Lee Min-ki’s change of expression in three stages of embarrassment, anger, and anxiety was captured.

MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday mini-series ‘Oh My Ladylord’ (screenplay Cho Jin-guk, director Oh Da-young, production No. 3 Pictures) is a heart-close reversal romance between a man who ‘does not’ dating and a woman who can’t’ love.

Lee Min-ki (played by Han Bi-su) plays the role of Han Bi-su, the best thriller drama writer in Korea and the male protagonist who ‘doesn’t’ love. Lee Min-ki is expected to capture the hearts of female viewers in front of TV as well as Nana, who plays the role of Oh Ju-in, the female protagonist who ‘can’t’ love in the play, with a sense of harshness and cuteness.

In the midst of this, on March 23, the production crew of ‘Oh My Ladylord’ draws attention by revealing the reversal of Lee Min-ki only by himself a day before the first broadcast. If you write it, you are a writer who hits the jackpot in the drama. Just like the name of the dagger, Lee Min-ki, a man who sharply puts a dagger on people,’s three-stage expression change was captured.

In the first picture, Lee Min-ki is showing a confused expression about what he heard. In the second picture, Lee Min-ki is burning with his eyes lit. In the third photo, Lee Min-ki, who showed such a rapid emotional change, is looking through the cell phone with an impatient look and expression, which stimulates curiosity. What happened to this man who was always confident?

Along with this, it is Lee Min-ki’s expressive power that attracts attention. In one place, it changes expressions in an instant and expresses the changing emotions of a character. In this regard, the production crew of ‘Oh My Ladylord’ said, “In the first episode aired on the 24th, a crisis comes to the male protagonist Lee Min-ki. In this process, Lee Min-ki’s acting ability, expressiveness, and charm will shine brightly. We ask for your interest and expectation.”

Meanwhile, MBC’s new tree mini-series ‘Oh My Ladylord’ will be broadcast for the first time at 9:20 pm on Wednesday, March 24.


Photo courtesy| Number Three Pictures
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