‘Late Night Sindang’ Maeng Seung-ji “After appearing in ‘Real Men’ I was haunted by malicious comments…I was scared to meet people for 3 years.”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Maeng Seung-ji confided about the controversy about the attitude of a ‘Real Men’.

On the 19th, a video titled ‘EP125] ※The actual situation ※What is the story of the comedian Maeng Seung-ji, who has not been broadcast for several years, was released on the YouTube channel Fuhaha TV ‘Jeong Ho-Geun’s Late Night Sindang’.

Maeng Seung-ji, who visited Jeong Ho-geun on this day, mentioned the controversy when she appeared in the MBC entertainment program ‘Real Man’ in the past. Hwang Young-jin said, “In the broadcast, controversy is not the true intention of Maeng Seung-ji, but it is a pity.”

Maeng Seung-ji said, “There was a situation where I was doing push-ups. I received private instruction for the broadcast. There I learned that a woman is doing it on her knees.” “I told him to do push-ups 20, but he was looking at me all. I did what I learned by saying, ‘You can’t hurt me.’ But people who saw me on TV for the first time swear at me as ‘XX bit**.’ As soon as I was cursed, I was scared to meet people for about 3 years,” she recalled.

At the time, Maeng Seung-ji knelt to do push-ups when she was instructed to do push-ups, but the instructor pointed out this. In the midst of this, Maeng Seung-ji did not understand the instructor’s words properly, and when this appearance spread, some netizens wrote a bad comment, ‘XX bit**’.

Jeong Ho-geun said to Maeng Seung-ji, “Be careful as you can climb into old world next year, so be careful,” and explained, “If I do my job right, if I endure everything, endure and cover everything, there will be no problem.”


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