Lim Young-woong, today (23rd) ‘The Show’ sortie… State-of-the-art video stage

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Lim Young-woong will be on ‘The Show’.

Trot Hero Lim Young-woong will appear on SBS MTV ‘The Show’, which will be broadcast today (23rd).

The stage of ‘My Love Like a Starlight’ by Lim Young-woong is raising expectations by saying that it was prepared with a set containing cutting-edge video technology full of lifelike dreams in imagination.

On the other hand, in the corner of ‘The Show’, ‘Brave Girls’, the most popular group nowadays, appears in the corner of ‘Haha Dance’. In ‘Haha Dance’, if the music stops in the middle of the performer’s choreography, the mission is performed, and if successful, the music starts again. It is a dance corner. If all of the missions are successful, all members can get an opportunity to decorate the ending on the broadcast stage.

In the first mission, an oil well goes out. Yoo-jeong, who is called Ms Turtle for her cute appearance, challenges her mission to defeat 3 model biscuits with a water gun. Then Yuna, who dreamed of becoming a barista in the past, is given a mission to insert paper holders into 10 paper cups within 30 seconds. Yuna is wondering if she can succeed in the mission and get everyone’s ending.

Simultaneous live broadcasting through SBS MTV and MTV Asia channels, MTV Russia, MTV Hits France, and ‘The Show’, which are broadcast in 86 regions through TBS channels in Japan, are BDC, GHOST9, VERIVERY, Weeekly (Weekly), WOODZ (Jo Seung-yeon) DRIPPIN, Future Boy, Brave Girls, Ciipher, WEi, Lim Young-woong, PURPLE KISS, Pentagon, and Choi Hyang will be on stage.

Photo ㅣSBS MTV’The Show’
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