‘Music Plaza’ Yeombly “Stock investment, risk but asset value defense”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Yeom Seung-hwan, manager of Yeombly, captured the ears of the residents with an easy explanation for stock investment.

KBS Cool FM’s “Jung Eun-ji’s Music Plaza” aired on the 23rd.Yum Seung-hwan, director of E-Best Investment & Securities Co., who is called “Yeombly” as a guest, appeared in ‘Music Plaza’.

On this day, DJ Jung Eun-ji asked what “Yeombly” means. Yeom Seung-hwan said, “As I work in the stock market, I think of the image of being hard when I work in a securities company.

There is a stereotype that makes questions hard, but I broke it on the fixed YouTube channel “3% TV.” I answered a little kindly, and someone said, “I’m lovely” in the comments to see if they thought it was good,” and introduced the origin of the nickname.

When Jung Eun-ji asked, “Isn’t there many people around you asking for advice on stocks?” Yeombly said, “I felt the power of YouTube once again. As I go on YouTube channel every day, they recognize me while walking on the street. I thought you wouldn’t recognize me if I wore a mask.

Jung Eun-ji said, “I know little things about stock investment. I’ve never bought stock. As a representative, I’ll ask you a brave question. What’s the stock?”

Yeombly said, “For example, if you have a chicken restaurant, there is 50 million won in hand. We need 50 million won more to make 100 million won, but we are not borrowing money from banks, we are recruiting investors,” he said. “We are giving investors a week equivalent to 10 million won each. Then investors paid 10 million won and received 1 week. That’s what the investment is. If you make a lot of money, you will give dividends to shareholders.”

When asked, “What is KOSPI and KOSDAQ?” Yeombly said, “Why don’t we have a formal market in Korea to trade stocks? The KOSPI is mainly a market of large companies, such as Samsung Electronics, Kakao and Naver. The KOSDAQ is called small and medium-sized companies and technology stocks, and it is a market that collects bio and Haitian companies.

Yeombly also explained the Donghak ant, who invest in Korean companies’ stocks, and Seohak ant, who is keen to buy stocks of foreign companies.

After saying, “Individual investors are called ants in the market,” he first said of Donghak ant, “Individual investors made little money in the stock market, and foreign companies led the market, resulting in a lot of losses. Last year, the stock market fell a lot due to the COVID-19 crisis. Many people became rich by investing when the stock market plunged due to the crisis, and those who thought this way bought a lot of stocks. It bought 60 trillion won worth of products last year alone. These people are called donghak ants. This is people who invest in U.S. stocks,” he added.

One listener said, “What percentage of the line is better?”

Yeombly said, “Some people buy it today as a single and sell it tomorrow. For those people, I set the line of failure at 5%. No, there are people who invest long-term. Those people don’t have to be caught, but they have to cut corners when this company goes in a different direction from what I thought. When investing in stocks, you have to keep verifying it. It’s not going forever.”

Another listener said, “What should I study about the company? I’m at a loss.” Yeombly said, “The best way is to search and watch securities and my channels. It is also a good idea to go to the company’s website and look at it, and to call the company’s stock manager and ask him or her about it.”

“I don’t know any stocks, but my wife asked me to buy them in the names of my elementary school children. There was also a story saying, “Do I have to pay taxes?”

Yeombly said, “I don’t pay when I buy stocks, but I have to pay 0.2 to 0.3 percent tax when I sell stocks. “Unless stocks are major shareholders, individual investors do not pay taxes,” he said. “The law will be changed from 2023.” “I have to pay a transfer tax on the part where I have made more than 50 million won in profits by selling stocks for a year,” he added.

Yeombly also told us about the ‘share subscription’. “There’s a company in the stock market,” he said. There are now companies that have not entered the market and have not been listed. “If these companies enter the KOSPI market and want to be recognized, they will be listed, which is called a public offering,” he said. “At that time, they put money in through subscription.” If you put a lot of money, you can get a lot. It’s the same as apartment subscription, but it’s an investment in a company.

At the end of the broadcast, Yeombly said, “Investment is the act of throwing money. “So of course, I’m doing it with risk, but it’s also for defense,” he said. “If I put 100 million won in the bank now, the bank interest rate is less than 1 percent. As prices rise, their value drops. But stocks are not like that. Companies like banks also give dividends of 5 percent. If it’s 100 million won, it’s just 5 million won. With assets rising so steadily, 100 million won could be 200 million and 300 million won,” he said, explaining the advantages of investing in stocks.

Yeombly joined E-Trade Securities (formerly E-Best Investment & Securities) in 2005 and has been living in securities companies by communicating with individual investors such as providing stock investment information, stock counseling and stock lectures. He became a best-selling author with the book “Top 77 Most Questions Stock investment beginners Want to Know the Most” aimed at beginners in stock investment.


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