Park Ji-seon → Jang Hang-jun, preliminary meeting video released… Great integration of literature and science

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

tvN’s ‘The Dictionary Of useless Knowledge’ is drawing attention by releasing the pre-meeting video of the cast members ahead of the first broadcast at 10:50 pm on April 4th.

‘The Dictionary Of useless Knowledge’ (director Yang Jung-woo) is an entertainment program that tells the stories of the accidents happening in this world. Prior to this, Park Ji-seon, Jung Jae-min, Kim Sang-wook, Jang Hang-jun, and Yoon Jong-shin have confirmed their appearances, and faced with new and diverse perspectives on ‘crimes’ that are far and near from our daily lives.

Particularly, ‘The Dictionary Of useless Knowledge’ is an in-depth part of the series ‘The Dictionary Of useless general Knowledge’, and expectations and curiosity have risen as viewers visited the viewers after three years since the last aired in 2018. Situation. Accordingly, a pre-meeting video containing the first meetings of the cast members is being released and is attracting hot interest.

In the released video, the best in each field, such as criminal psychologists, judges former judges, doctors in physics, film directors, etc., met the best in each field, and the rich expertise and splendid talks catch the eye. To raise expectations for the first broadcast through rich conversations that cross Wow, Moon, and Science.

First of all, Professor Ji-sun Park is a leading crime psychologist in Korea, raising expectations as he will deal with crime stories more professionally and cooler than anyone else. In addition, director Jang Hang-joon, who directed various genres of movies from forensic dramas to crime thriller, is also expected to add glamor to the program with a pleasant charm and smooth talk.

Following the back statement, JD Dr.Jeong Jae-min boasted a splendid background and aroused admiration from other doctors. It is expected to surprise everyone by revealing a surprising history that no one knew of, along with the extraordinary specs that caught everyone’s attention so that other doctors would express him as ‘there is no place to go up anymore’. In addition, Dr. Kim Sang-wook, who appeared in ‘The Dictionary Of useless Knowledge’ and became known as a ‘warm physicist’, is raising questions about his joining this time. With both a cold head and a warm heart, he stimulates curiosity about how to solve ‘crime’ through the perspective of physics. Finally, Yoon Jong-shin, who says “I have a lot of questions,” appears as MC and curiosity doctor, exploding expectations for the first broadcast.

In particular, people with different characters and different fields of activity are known to have gathered their thoughts in common in one opinion, attracting attention. That crime is a ‘story around us’ that can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Accordingly, all of the five cast members expressed a common commitment to “I hope that it will be a program that allows us to cope with and talk with various people through ‘The Dictionary Of useless Knowledge’.”

The netizens who watched the video said, “It’s a meeting between a unique material and a good job, so it’s essential”, “The combination of cast members is so fresh, I’m curious about what’s going to happen”, “I feel like I’m already getting smart just by looking at the cast lineup” I think it will be a necessary program in this era.”

‘Criminal miscellaneous dictionary that you can use if you know’ tvN’s ‘The Dictionary Of useless Knowledge’ will be broadcast for the first time at 10:50 pm on April 4.


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