Seventeen The8, fashion magazine’s exclusive pictorial decoration ‘the boldness of youth’

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Seventeen member The8 decorated the April issue of ‘Arena Homme Plus’.

Fashion magazine ‘Arena Homme Plus’ released part of the photo cut of the April issue with Seventeen’s member The8 on the morning of the 23rd, sparking a hot reaction from fans.

This pictorial, which presented the colorful charm of The8, was able to express the honest and bold concept of The8 as it directed bold and challenging scenes as ‘靑春(youth)’. In particular, the back statement that The8 led the atmosphere of the scene by working on the filming with a professional attitude.

In the published photos, The8 digested the poses using a variety of unique accessories without regret, and completely reinterpreted the style of The8 by using various props, and the eye-catching visuals were added to complete the trendy pictorial cut.

In addition, The8 took over the scene with the mood of The8, not only showing off its unique atmosphere to the sound of the camera shutter, including delicate emotional expressions and charismatic gaze smoke, but also posing with fluid movements like dancing.

In the final interview, The8 said, “Even when I am happy, I must know that I am happy now. If you set the standard of happiness too high or follow it, you will let go of yourself and eventually you will lose it.”

As such, the full pictorial of The8’s’youth’ and the full text of a sincere interview containing his own philosophy can be found in the April issue of ‘Arena Homme Plus’ and on the website.

On the other hand, Seventeen, to which The8 belongs, will release Japan’s third single ‘Hitorijanai’ on April 21st, and will hold an online fan meeting and talk show in Japan on April 27th.

PhotosㅣArena Homme Plus

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