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The web cartoonist Ya-ong posted a meaningful article through SNS.

On the 22nd, the meow writer said “I have no holidays” in her Instagram story. She said, “Like all working moms, I am a more guilty sinner for not spending time with my child even after working overnight.”

She said, “If I don’t positively eat my mind, I don’t think I will be able to withstand it, so even if I try to avoid bad thoughts, I notice every day and have extreme thoughts. I just thought everyone would be happy without me.”

Earlier, on the 16th of last month, the meow writer confessed that she was a ‘single mom’, saying, “I have a child who is more precious than life, who does not hurt even if I put it in my eyes.”

She said, “Because I am the driving force of my life, the most precious being, and the existence that I have to protect my whole life, I give strength even if I am tired and difficult every day.” “It’s open,” she revealed the opportunity to confess ‘Single Mom’.

Ya-ong gained popularity with Naver’s popular webtoon ‘True Beauty’. It was also produced as a tvN drama of the same name. She is in a public relationship with writer Jeon Jeon-wook, who publishes the webtoon ‘Free Draw’.

<Ya-ong’s social media post>

I have no holidays.

Like all working moms, I am a sinner who is more guilty of not spending time with my child even after working all night.

I don’t think I can withstand if I don’t think positively, so even if I try not to think bad, I notice every day and get extreme thoughts.

I don’t seem to be doing anything well, and I seem to be bothering around me… I just think everyone will be happy without me.


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