‘Special Troop’ Kim Dong-Hyun, “From the Marine Corps, I sympathize with the grievances of the Special Forces”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Fighter Kim Dong-hyun, who was from the Marine Corps, revealed that he sympathized with the grievances of members of the Special Forces.

“I am from the Marine Corps at the online production presentation of Channel A and SKY’s new entertainment program ‘Special Troop’ held on the afternoon of the 23rd. I suffered a lot and sympathized with the difficult training of the members of the Special Forces. I think it’s the role of delivering that.”

Also, “I am engaged in mixed martial arts, and members of the Special Forces around the world choose their course. I have lived my entire life feeling the limitations of human beings. I know how hard it is for the crew. I am going to tell you about that.”

‘Special Troop’ is a military team survival program in which reservists from the elite special forces form a team and fight for the honor of each unit.

It is planned to heat up the home theater with an extreme mission that demands transcendent physical and high mentality and a confrontation with pride of the ‘real special forces’. In particular, the combination of the strategic analysis team’s special chemistry and the strongest special forces is catching the eye, making the first broadcast more anticipated.


Photo ㅣChannel A
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