Actress Kim Gyu-ri became a painter… Creative activities after the role of Shin Yun-bok in’Beauty Island’ Kim Gyu-ri meets as a painter… Creative activities after the role of Shin Yun-bok in ‘Beauty Island’

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Kim Gyu-ri meets the public as a painter. Participates in two exhibitions and transforms into an artist.

Kim Gyu-ri will participate in the ‘Three People of the Three Months’ exhibition held at the Osan Museum of Art from the 9th to the 23rd of May. In addition, she participated in the exhibition ‘Shin, Text’ held at Il Baekheon, Jongno-gu Art Center from the 23rd to the 4th of April, showing off the world of works as a painter.

Kim Gyu-ri has continued her creative activities after playing Shin Yun-bok in the 2008 movie ‘Beautiful Island’. In the ‘Three People of the Three Months’ exhibition, various study works based on traditional Korean painting and medium and large-sized works such as ‘Ilwol Obongdo’ and ‘Jangsaengdo’ are presented.

In the exhibition, as it is a special exhibition called the meeting of calligraphy and folk paintings, she presented a work called ‘Gyu-ri’s Paintings and Plays’ in harmony with the folk painter Lim Ok-sang.

It is said that Kim Gyu-ri has produced Sagunja and Seolgyeong landscape paintings based on trees using ballpoint pens, brush pens, and signature pens in easy-to-carry materials such as sketchbooks and photobooks when shooting broadcasts or traveling abroad.

Regarding this exhibition, Kim Gyu-ri said, “I took out the subjects I wanted to draw from the box of my heart and arranged them one by one, as if hunting for a treasure. After one work is finished, drawing the next work is as fun as playing.”

The Osan Museum of Art said, “In addition to paying attention to the artist’s passion for ‘drawing’ and the possibility of being an artist, Kim Gyu-ri organized the first invitational exhibition at the public art museum to comfort citizens exhausted from COVID-19. I hope you can get some rest through the painting.”

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