NU’EST, comeback confirmed on April 19th… Full album in 7 years

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[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group NU’EST will come back with their 2nd regular album ‘Romanticize’ on April 19th.

NU’EST confirmed and released their comeback with their second full album ‘Romanticize’ on April 19 through the official SNS channel at 0:00 on the 24th.

The released concept page contains the phrase “NU’EST The 2nd Album Romanticize”, the album name of NU’EST, and the phrase “2021.04.19 6PM Release on”, which means the release date, against the chic black background.

As the new album ‘Romanticize’ has a dictionary meaning ‘to make it more romantic than it actually is’, there is a lot of speculation about what the message NU’EST wants to convey through his 2nd regular album ‘Romanticize’.

NU’EST’s 2nd regular album ‘Romanticize’ is a regular album released about 7 years after ‘Re:BIRTH’ in 2014. Interest is focused on new and colorful music and concepts to be presented through their 2nd regular album ‘Romanticize’, who have perfectly established themselves as the popular music industry after driving backwards.

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