‘Sumi Lodge’ Lee Yoo-ri “There is rumor that I’m rude”

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Lee Yoo-ri explained to the rumors.

Actress Lee Yoo-ri is coming as a new guest to the healing hand-tasting entertainment ‘Sumi Lodge’ co-produced by skyTV’s comprehensive entertainment channel SKY and KBS. Lee Yoo-ri confesses, “Because I’m timid and introverted, but many people misunderstood that I’m rude when I debuted.” In addition, the remarks that “I met a character that surpasses ‘Passionate’ these days,” even aroused curiosity.

In the ‘Sumi Lodge’, which airs on the 25th, Lee Yoo-ri and Heo Gyeong-hwan, who are loved by Kim Su-mi’s ‘son and daughter’ and excellent cooking combination, appear. In the midst of ‘rumors’ surrounding the two people on the cutting board, Lee Yoo-ri, who is loved for her luxury acting, said, “In fact, I was so introverted that many people often misunderstood that I’m rude and didn’t even greet me.”

Park Myung-soo wondered, “How can you act well?”, but Lee Yoo-ri said, “Because acting is not real me…” Kim Su-mi also added, “Acting is talking about someone else’s life.”

Also, Jung Eun-ji carefully asked, “I heard rumors about you, too, but you said that you only select charismatic characters’ roles after ‘Yeon Min-jung’?”

Lee Yoo-ri said, “It was rather the opposite.” “After that, I did a lot of comic acting. I challenged various characters, but even after hearing the evaluation of ‘different’, I finally remembered it as ‘compassionate’.” She confessed about the aftereffects after taking on the intense villain.

In addition, Lee Yoo-ri talked about her ‘laughs’ experience, saying, “I think it’s because if the villain advertises medicine, it’s likely to be poison. Then he surprised the mountain hutkeepers by confessing with surprise, “I recently met a character who exceeded ‘Passionate’.”

The identity of the life character that Lee Yoo-ri met, surpassing ‘Yeon Min-jung’, will be revealed at 10:40 pm on the 25th at 10:40 pm in the healing hand-tasting entertainment ‘Sumi Lodge’ broadcast on SKY and KBS2.


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