VICTON Han Seung-woo pictorial “Acting challenge? No burden”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Group VICTON’s Han Seung-woo presented a variety of charms as a fashion pictorial.

On the 24th, the lifestyle magazine ‘Singles’ released a part of the April issue pictorial and interview with Han Seung-woo.

In the published pictorial, Seung-Woo Han showed off his ‘fashionista’ side without being bound by one style. Han Seung-woo, who invented a trendy shirt with a colorful pattern, completed the ‘boyfriend visual’ that he wants to fall in love with.

It is said that Han Seung-woo played the role of vitamins on the set, showing off the sincere and calmness and another bright energy that he usually showed as the oldest of the group. Han Seung-woo, who showed off his solid abs with a bold shirt undressing even though he made a harmless smile like a bright boy, got envy from the filming staff, saying, ‘A selfish man with both handsome and sexy’.

In the following interview, Han Seung-woo said, “I first started learning songs and dance when I was in the 3rd grade of middle school,” said Han Seung-woo, who said, “I want to do music with honesty and sincerity. I’ve been spotlighted as a performance singer every time, but now I want to be recognized as a singer who sings. I think it’s time to expand the breadth of music.” He expressed his aspirations as a singer. He also said, “I haven’t been able to catch up on music until now, but now I’m lonely, but I want to do music that comforts someone.”

Han Seung-woo also conveyed the excitement about his first acting challenge. Han Seung-woo said, “I wanted to act, but this time I got an opportunity and I was cast in a web drama. There is no burden of acting. Only practice and effort are the way to live,” he expressed his determination for transforming into an actor.” Han Seung-woo said, “I’m happy because there are so many things I like. Rather, I think I’m more fierce now than when I debuted. There are many things that have not been accomplished yet, and there are many things I want to do.”

Han Seung-woo proved her potential as an artist with brilliant performance skills and attractive vocals with her first solo album ‘Fame’ last year. And is attracting attention as a ’20s male solo icon’.

Group VICTON, to which Han Seung-woo belongs, won the first music broadcast in three years after their debut and succeeded in re-emergence. Afterwards, they successfully completed their first solo concert in Korea and a fan meeting to commemorate the 4th anniversary earlier this year, and released their first full-length album after 4 years of debut. It is continuing a solid uptrend, including the announcement and successful activities.

The pictorials containing the sensational visuals of VICTON Han Seung-woo can be found through the April issue of ‘Singles’ and ‘Singles’ website.

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