‘Violation of quarantine rules’ Yunho, voluntarily not participating in ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ recording

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group TVXQ, Yunho gets off at ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’.

Mnet’s entertainment program ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ said on the 24th, “From SM Entertainment, I was informed that I would not participate in the recording of ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ until the results of the police investigation on Yunho came out.”

“Therefore, Mnet decided to proceed with Chang-min alone for the subsequent MC filming of the program. For the part that Yunho has already filmed, we plan to edit it focusing on the role of the host.”

At the end of last month, Yunho was arrested by the police on charges of staying at a restaurant in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul until midnight past 10pm.

At the time, Yunho said, “I am sorry to be a big disappointment to all those who have believed in me and supported me. I am so ashamed of myself that I am angry with myself. He apologized, saying, I regret and apologize for failing to pay more attention and for doing the wrong thing.”

However, the company that MBC ‘News Desk’ visited on the 12th was an illegal membership-based entertainment bar, and at the time of detection, the attendees fought with the police, and Yunho reported that he tried to escape, which was controversial.

Accordingly, the agency SM Entertainment explained, “It is an obvious mistake that Yunho did not obey the quarantine rules, and he is deeply reflecting on himself, but he never did anything wrong except violating the quarantine rules.

Meanwhile, ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ is a program in which global K-pop idols compete with performances. First broadcast at 7:50 pm on April 1st.


Yunho Yunho. Photo|Star Today DB

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