Yoon Jung-hee pictorial, consistent ‘elegance’ even after 7 years return

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Yoon Jung-hee said hello with a pictorial full of elegance.

On the 24th, a pictorial with Yoon Jung-hee was released with the fashion magazine ‘Elle’.

In the pictorial, Yoon Jung-hee showed off her elegant figure with a comfortable yet stylish outfit. This pictorial, which captured the luxurious atmosphere of Yoon Jung-hee with only a not excessive pose and expression, attracted more attention with the added joy of returning to activity after 7 years.

In an interview following the photo shoot, Yoon Jung-hee said, “I feel like I’ve returned to my rookie days,” and said, “I have never thought of stopping acting. I thought I would like to do my job again someday. Raising children is also important, but it is important for me to balance my personal life with my role as a wife and mother.”

Then, about the appearance of the SBS drama ‘Now, I’m Breaking Up’, which was a comeback after 7 years, “I thought I wanted to take on a new determined character, and I was lucky to take on that role.” I was more curious about it.

Yoon Jung-hee played the role of Shin Yoo-jeong, a managing director who runs a famous department store, and the only daughter of the group in ‘Now, I’m Breaking Up’, which is scheduled to be broadcast in the second half of this year. Shin Yoo-jeong, who exerts overwhelming influence online and offline with her own sense of recognition, and her intelligence and dignity that naturally emanates from everyone, is looking forward to seeing how it will be drawn through Yoon Jung-hee.

More pictorials and interviews of Yoon Jung-hee can be found in the April issue of ‘Elle’.



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