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[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Wax captured the ears of “2’o clock Manse” listeners with her frank and easy-going talk.

In MBC’s standard FM “Park Joon-hyung, Jung Kyung-mi’s 2 o’clock Manse” (hereinafter “2 o’clock Manse”), which aired on the 25th, singer Wax appeared as a guest and talked.

DJ Park Joon-hyung, who heard that a listener cleaned the house, said, “Today, this person is also the one who makes the song sparkle.” “I am an emotional ballad singer who I trust and listen to,” he said, welcoming Wax and introducing, “I visited here in two years since January 2019.

DJ Jung Kyung-mi said, “I slept for 9 hours because I had a lot of sleep. When asked if he still does, Wax replied, “I usually sleep eight hours.” Park Joon-hyung said, “The shining forehead tells you. I have good skin,” she said, drawing laughter.

Park Joon-hyung asked, “I am called a soul couple with Hong Seok-cheon.” Wax replied, “That’s how it hardens into image.” Jung Kyung-mi also asked, “If I live with someone someday, I will live with Hong Seok-cheon.”

Wax said, “I didn’t say this. If you don’t get married and live with someone else, you will probably live with Hong Seok-cheon. But I just went back to living with Hong Seok-cheon.”

When asked by Park Joon-hyung, “Did you get close to Hong Seok-cheon?” Wax said, “Suddenly, it fell out.” It was strange up to a few times because I was shy. Then at some point, the door to my heart opened. Hong Seok-cheon came a lot from the beginning.”

When asked whether tastes like food are compatible, Wax said, “Laughter and conversation are endless. Neither of them drinks. It’s a chemistry where we talk for 10 hours over coffee or rice.”

“I want to get married once,” Wax said. “Originally, I wanted to get married quickly and have children since I wanted to have children.” When she said, “I’m not a someone who insist on remaining a single,” Park Joon-hyung asked, “Isn’t there no time and no time to spare because you played with Hong Seok-cheon?” and drew laughter.

“Once, I thought I was alone because of Hong Seok-cheon, so I consciously avoided it. I thought that energy was blocking me. But it wasn’t because of that.

When asked about her ideal type, Wax said, “My ideal type itself is like a story of childhood. Talking about your ideal type itself is cheesy. I don’t have an ideal type, but I hope you like me a lot.”

On the 17th, Wax said about her new song “The opposite,” which was released in a year, “My heart was gone, and the person who left wrong to me came again. I want to push him away, but my heart is holding him.”

When Jung Kyung-mi asked, “If a person I met in the past asks me to meet again, do you meet or push him out?” Wax said, “Even if it’s hard, I cut him off because he’s conservative.”

When Jung Kyung-mi said, “I heard you’re a mukkaebi and a hyojanggun,” Wax said, “Mukkaebi is my nickname in high school. I loved eating. When I was in high school, I had the biggest lunch box. As for the nickname of Jo Jang-gun, “Hong Seok-cheon and my friends gave me this nickname.”

When Park Joon-hyung asked, “When did you feel you were good at singing?” Wax said, “You didn’t become a singer because you were good at singing. At that time, the winners of the K-pop festival shared a room together. It would be a lifelong memory if we stayed together. I joined a music club to become a singer,” she said. “I fell in love when I stood on stage and sang in front of people.”

“When I was a high school girl, I loved active dreams,” Wax said. “I once liked group life. “It’s not easy to like a group life at that age,” said DJ Jung Kyung-mi. It’s not easy to like at his age. But I liked it, so I hoped for a female soldier,” she captivated the audience.

Jung Kyung-mi said, “My stage name is wax. Is it true that they made it by looking at street signs? Wax was built by Choi Joon-young, the (precious) composer. ‘Let’s have a stage name. “Let’s decide tomorrow,” she said, “and he named me Wax.” When asked what she might have been attracted to, she said, “The name Wax was so touching. It’s a strong tone and I felt the power of the letter ‘wax’ in English.'”

When asked, “What name did you choose?” Jung Kyung-mi said, “I don’t remember, but it was very feminine and pretty.” It was a soft and pretty name. So I didn’t like the name Wax at first.

Wax said, “I love it right now. Strongly, it’s good to be able to express it’s good. It has a wide range of alphabets to design”, she said he showed her affection for the stage name.

Finally, Wax said, “It was a good time. It was nice to meet you. I’ll show you a good performance with a good song. When Park Joon-hyung said, “Please come often,” Wax asked for an invitation, saying, “I think the other person should be active.” Jung Kyung-mi said, “I’ll approach you first,” and Park Joon-hyung said, “Men from all over the world, come first.”

Wax, meanwhile, released a new digital single, ‘The opposite’ on the 17th and made a comeback a year later. In particular, the unique voice of wax is added to the production of KCM, soaking the listeners’ spring sensibility with moisture.

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