A romantic relationship of web cartoonist Ya-ong and Jeon Seon-wook

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

A web cartoonist Ya-ong, who recently revealed her painful feelings and created regret, announced a happy situation by releasing a pink date authentication shot with her lover Jeon Jeon-wook.

At the dawn of the 25th, Ya-ong shared his current situation with fans through his personal Instagram account. In the published photos, the meow artist looks happy with her sweetheart, webtoon artist Jeon Seon-wook, with a friendly appearance.

Earlier on the 23rd, he posted a meaningful article in her Instagram story, “Whenever the pressure is strong, it is a little difficult to get out of it and it is difficult to confide in it. Thank you for comforting me like this, I have to work hard again.”

She conveyed her ceaseless daily life with a working heart, and even left a post saying, “Even though I try hard, I can see my eyes every day and have extreme thoughts.”

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