‘Funstaurant’ Gan Mi-yeon “My husband never take on a rest…He even tries to drive a car for customers late at night”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

The amazing living power of Hwang Baul, husband of Can Mi-yeon, will be revealed in the “Funstaurant”.

KBS2’s “Funstaurant”, which will air on the 26th, will be followed by “Jjakkoong Special” under the theme of “Seaweed.” The final result of the menu development competition will also be revealed on the broadcast.

In last week’s broadcast, Gan Mi-yeon teamed up with her husband Hwang Baul to challenge herself as a chef for the first chef.

Newlywed couple Gan Mi-yeon and Hwang Baul stimulated the love cells of many viewers by showing off the sweet affection of the newlyweds, along with the romantic skin touch of the advance worried about deliberation. Her husband Hwang Baul, who is three years younger than her, was nicknamed “Kissy Ghost.” In addition, Gan Mi-yeon’s eating and cooking skills, which are all kinds of eggs, attracted much attention. On the 26th, Gan Mi-yeon and Hwang Baul’s frugal honeymoon life will be revealed.

Unlike usual, there was a serious atmosphere between Hwang Baul and Gan Mi-yeon’s “Bongbong Couple” after finishing their meal. The reason is pocket money. Her husband Hwang Baul receives 500,000 won from Gan Mi-yeon every month. Hwang Baul, who received an allowance after a long conversation with his wife, expressed regret in an interview, saying, “My wife is very thorough,” but ended up with a wise remark, saying, “But my wife is absolutely right.”

In addition to the 500,000 won he received from his wife, Hwang revealed how to earn pocket money. They sell their favorite figures as second-hand deals, and they sell empty bottles at home to raise money. It is rumored that Hwang Baul, who finished a used transaction as usual and sold an engineer at a convenience store near his house, once again showed his wife’s foolishness by buying gifts for his wife, Gan Mi-yeon, with such meticulously collected money.

Gan Mi-yeon surprised everyone by revealing that her husband Hwang Baul is doing five to six things in addition to theater and musical actors, saying about Hwang Baul, “My husband works almost every day without a day off.” “If I’m worried about the cost of living, I’d say, ‘Should I drive by proxy?’ I stopped him because he said he would do more when he was working even though he couldn’t sleep. I didn’t think this man would starve me to death,” she said, expressing her  gratitude and affection for her husband. All the family members of the “Funstaurant” said that they were amazed by the reliable living power of Hwang Baul.

The “Funstaurant” will air at 9:40 p.m. on the 26th, where you can check Hwang Baul’s living power, love for his wife Gan Mi-yeon, and touching events that will surprise all the viewers in front of the TV.


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