‘Miss Montecristo’ Lee So-yeon, thrilling revenge

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Actress Lee So-yeon is catching the eye with perfect preparations for revenge in ‘Miss Montecristo’.

In the 28th episode of KBS2’s daily drama ‘Miss Montecristo’, which aired on the 24th, Ga-heun (Lee So-yeon), who was in distress after listening to the recording file containing the last voice of her father Sang-man (played by Jung Seung-ho), spread. Although he knew the secrets related to hEr father’s death, Lee So-yeon depicted the psychology of Ga-heun, who felt unbearable sadness and anger while listening to her father’s last voice.

Ga-heun, who barely passed the crisis of being kidnapped and buried alive, returns to the company, completes the presentation of a new brand design, and begins an investigation, knowing that the incident surrounding her is related to Se-rin (Lee Da-hae). After seeing the hum and visuals of Na Uk-do (played by Ahn Hee-seong) who came to the King Group company to see if she was caught, she immediately noticed that he was the culprit who kidnapped her.

Ga-heun calmly escaped, continuously collecting evidence, such as a bomb for revenge, and informed of the upcoming revenge, exploding curiosity about the thrilling revenge play to come.

The hearts of two men, Cha Sun-hyuk (played by Kyung Seong-hwan) and Oh Ha-jun (played by Lee Sang-bo), are adding fun to the play. After marrying Hara (Choi Yeo-jin), Seon-hyuk continued to miss Eun-jo (Lee So-yeon) and continued to miss Eun-jo (Lee So-yeon). Because of this, she stamps her company for work every day and is supporting Ga-heun who is struggling through various incidents.

Lee So-yeon’s acting, who portrays the two men’s afflicted heart and exhilarating revenge drama with excellent character digestion, is harmonious and the viewership continues to rise as the episodes are repeated. Together, there is an expectation that it will bring excitement to the home theater.

‘Miss Montecristo’ is broadcast every Monday to Friday at 7:50 pm.


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