‘The Times’ Lee Seo-jin x Kim In-kwon x Moon Ji-in, the first three members who showed ‘Great Friendship’

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

There are people who showed “Real Friendship” amid the overwhelming mystery of OCN’s Saturday and Sunday original “Times” (playwright Lee Sae-bom, Ahn Hye-jin, director Yoon Jong-ho, planning studio Dragon, production story hunter, a total of 12 episodes). Lee Jin-woo (Lee Seo-jin), Do Young-jae (Kim In-kwon), and Myung Soo-kyung (Moon Ji-in), the original members of the media “The Times.” This is because they share a journey to follow the truth and show a strong emotional connection in the midst of constant hardships and adversity. Looking at the relationship between the three, who are reliable colleagues, trustworthy friends, and lovers, I predicted what influence they would exert in the remaining two episodes.

#. A colleague who follows the truth together

In “The Times,” a media company aimed at honest media, Lee Jin-woo, Do Young-jae and Myung Soo-kyung found the truth fabricated and concealed by powerful people and told the world.

Even if someone calls them “hit rocks with eggs” and calls them “falsego” on the way they want to go, they claim to be “eggs” that break and break again and again. I believed it was a change of the world, and I was able to endure it because of my strong colleagues who shared the hard way. The three were the driving force and support of strong will to encourage each other to rise again and pursue the truth even if they failed each other countless times.

# A trusted friend

However, as Lee Jin-woo, who was blinded by revenge, entered politics and began to use it rather than reveal the truth, the firm friendship was shaken for a while. In order to win the presidential election, Lee Jin-woo made a big impact by releasing an illegal slush fund book that is intertwined with the death of his younger brother Lee Geun-woo (Ha Joon) to the media. Do Young-jae, who dissuades him by saying, “Let’s sleep beautifully even if we lose,” acted independently with harsh words that he didn’t even have in mind. Lee Jin-woo, who continued such a lonely fight, eventually visited Do Young-jae and said, “I’m sorry. Who else do I trust if I’m not you?” Do Young-jae offered a hand of reconciliation, and he returned to his side with the simple condition of hiring Lee Jin-woo as a daily driver. It was his friend Do Young-jae who made Lee Jin-woo laugh for a while in a tough situation.

# I love you so much

Do Young-jae and Myung Soo-kyung in charge of the unique love line of The Times. The time warp, which shook the year 2020, also had a profound impact on their romance. First of all, when the non-face-to-face cooperation between Lee Jin-woo and Seo Jung-in (Lee Joo-young) began, the two, who were exuding the energy of the quarrel “Some” at the time, had been in a relationship with the couple in 2020. However, there were two time wars as Lee Jin-woo approached the truth, and in the new 2020, Do Young-jae and Myung Soo-kyung became a lingering farewell couple. Some viewers, including Lee Jin-woo, who smiled happily at the love line, are sending a wave of support to regain their small fun, saying, “Please connect Young-jae and Suk-kyung again,” and “Time Warp is wrong.”

The production team said, “The Times” has only two episodes left.
The friendship, which has been continued by Lee Jin-woo, Do Young-jae, and Myung Soo-kyung, will also help to track the last truth. It is also a point to wait and see how their relationship will remain. I hope you will stay with us until the end.

“The Times” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 p.m. on OCN.


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