‘Wild Wild Quiz’ Yang Se-chan x Lee Hye-seong, “Cooking skills Lee Hye-sung 3 points, Yang Se-chan 65 points”

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Yang Se-chan and broadcaster Lee Hye-sung gave each other a strict evaluation.

On the 23rd, on Sky TV’s official YouTube, it posted a video of “Wild Wild Quiz “. The video included a one-on-one interview between Yang Se-chan and Lee Hye-sung.

Yang Se-chan said, “How was it? My image?” she asked for her first impression.

“When I saw it on TV, I thought it would be nice and stupid. It was not a good quiz or a quick-witted image. But when I met him, he was so good at picking up. He’s very quick-witted. It’s not stupid at all.’

Then Yang Se-chan also had a smart, quick, smart, and dexterous image before (Lee Hye-sung) came. But when I came here, nothing was right. It’s a mess. Cooking is completely useless. I know a lot, but I don’t know enough about entertainment shows or games. It is different from what the Cabinet thought.’

When Lee Hye-sung asked, “So I don’t like it?” she said, “I don’t like it. “I’m happy that I ate a lot.”

On the quiz and cooking, Yang Se-chan said, “What Hye-sung is good at is getting five questions right in nature. It is about 70 points. I’m not really good at cooking.

“I didn’t have a chance to show it,” Lee said. When he refuted, “If there are food ingredients and there are various conditions, I can show them,” Yang Se-chan dismissed it as “not possible.” “I want to give you about three points,” Yang said. Jinho does the same every day. I have good food ingredients in the morning, and you choose to take a break every day.

On the other hand, Lee Hye-sung said, “The quiz score is 75. My brother can hear well. He knows how to pick his own because he knows the answer. Also, when it comes to cooking skills, “Se-chan is good at things like seasoning. He is good at soup, stew, and Korean food, but lacks sensitivity and dexterity. “I have 65 points because I lack dexterity or plating.” Yang Se-chan said, “I gave you a lot compared to the score I gave you, but I don’t feel good.”

Lastly, Yang Se-chan said, “I hope (Lee Hye-sung) doesn’t choose me,” but Lee Hye-sung said, “The only thing I want from you is to have dinner with me in the same team until the end.” Netizens were also pleased with Lee Hye-sung’s cheerful appearance, who received Yang Se-chan’s promise to play as a team.

Meanwhile, “Wild Wild Quiz” airs every Tuesday at 11 p.m. on NQQ and MBN.


Photo| Official YouTube Skytive 2 Wild Wild Quiz
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