Yong Jun-hyung shared his photo after the controversy over the Burning Sun gate

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Former member of the group’s highlight, Yong Jun-hyung, revealed his current situation.

On the 25th, Yong Jun-hyung posted two photos on his Instagram. In the released photo, there is a picture of Yong Jun-hyung who is taking a selfie with a naked face.

His emaciated face catches the eye. In another photo, Yong Jun-hyung focused his attention by showing his slender appearance that his face was completely covered by a mask.

In 2019, when singer Yong Jun-hyungdistributed illegal filmings through the KakaoTalk group chat room, Yong Jun-hyung recognized that he was a member of the chat room, and it was revealed that he had exchanged inappropriate conversations related to this after watching the video, causing controversy.

In response, Yong Jun-hyung withdrew from the group highlight, saying, “I am sorry that I have not been able to repay the undeserved love you have sent me, and that I have forsaken the trust of the members and fans who have believed in this.”

Afterwards, Yong Jun-hyung was discharged from the military service on the 26th of last month after completing military service as a social worker.


PhotoㅣYong Jun-hyung SNS

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