‘Afternoon Hope’ Yang Ji-eun → Hong Ji-yoon, as far as Ipdam and Live are all real

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Yang Ji-eun, Hong Ji-yoon, Kim Eui-young, Byul Sarang, and Eun Ga-eun of “Miss Trot 2” showed off their pleasant talk and presented a live performance.

MBC FM4U ‘Kim Shin-young’s Afternoon Hope’ (hereinafter ‘Afternoon Hope’) aired on the 26th, Yang Ji-eun, Hong Ji-yoon, Kim Eui-young, Byul Sarang, and Eun Ga-eun, the main characters of TV Chosun ‘Miss Trot 2’ (hereinafter ‘Miss Trot 2′), appeared as guests.

On this day, DJ Kim Shin-young said to the five members of “Miss Trot 2,” “Isn’t it the center of the trot craze?” “I’m curious about the reaction after appearing on “Miss Trot 2.” Yang Ji-eun won Jin, and how did her husband react when she received 150 million won in prize money?”

Yang Ji-eun said, “My husband doesn’t want the prize money.” “When asked where I will use it when I get the prize money, I want to send my parents’ house to the first floor. My husband doesn’t want to give my father-in-law and mother-in-law’s house at all. I am delighted.”

When asked additionally, “Don’t you rather raise the number of floors?” Yang Ji-eun said, “My father has bad legs, so he is a little uncomfortable with his behavior. So I decided to go to the first floor house, but I just got the prize money, so I’m looking for the house right now.”

Eun Ga-eun, who was listening to this, added, “I said (Yang Ji-eun) would buy clothes for my top seven friends, but I am waiting for her.” “Everyone is busy, so it’s hard to meet the time,” Yang said. I’m coordinating to go all at once on time,” he said, creating a warm atmosphere.

Hong Ji-yoon then said, “After appearing on ‘Miss Trot 2’, the nagging became much worse than being nice to me.” I sympathized with Star Love and said, “We had a talk concert on a show yesterday, and my mom kept on saying something. In the end, I put my earphones in my room alone,” she said, drawing laughter.

Kim Eui-young said, “My father used to ignore me. I said I would not be a singer.” In response, Kim said, “My house did the same. I don’t think I can do it with your gag.”

When asked, “Isn’t there a placard hanging in the neighborhood?” Eun Ga-eun said, “I talked about the tariff obsole on the day I went to the final, but the monks in Gimhae laid the placards on it,” and said, “They congratulated me, saying it was a true Buddhist.”

A listener who listened to “Afternoon Hope” sent a message to Hong Ji-yoon, saying, “There was already news of nutritional supplements advertising.” Hong Ji-yoon explained, “I haven’t taken it yet, and I have a schedule.”

Kim Shin-young asked, “If you film an advertisement as a group, what items do you want to take?” Yang Ji-eun picked Bae Doraji, and Kim Eui-young drew cheers by saying, “I want to film a beer commercial with a group.” Eun Ga-eun hoped, “I hope each person will take charge of home appliances such as robot vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and air purifiers.”

Kim Shin-young also asked roughly, “If there is a group CF scheduled, what would you choose if you had a commercial as an individual. Yang Ji-eun, Hong Ji-yoon, Kim Eui-young, and Byul Sarang all chose the group, while Eun Ga-eun said coolly, “I will go as an individual,” drawing laughter.

On this day, Hong Ji-yoon sang “Ora,” Kim Eui-young sang “Dojingaejin,” star love “Magnifier,” Yang Ji-eun sang “Life Is a Waterwheel,” and Eun Ga-eun sang “Tikitaka,” heating up the atmosphere.

Watching their live performance, Kim Shin-young said, “I let them enjoy the Friday night. “We don’t have a concert,” he said. “Thank you so much for singing with good energy.”

Meanwhile, the members of “Miss Trot 2” will appear on JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Bros,” which will air at 9 p.m. on the 27th.


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