Japanese popular girl band SKE48 Sarina Sōda, Kento Tomioka and Hotel Scandal

Tomioka Kento (left), Soda Sarina. Photo| Janis, SKE48 website

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

A hotel scandal of between Japanese idols Kento Tomioka (28) and Sarina Sōda (28) is spreading.

On the 25th, the Japanese weekly magazine Weekly Munchun published an article titled “Former Janice MADE member staying with SKE48 popular idol.”

According to the article, Kento Tomioka from Johnny’s Junior Group MADE and SKE48’s Soda Sarina spent the night together at a hotel after several dates. The two who are currently appearing in the play ‘The Watchman of the Future’ (未来記の番人) said they went to a hotel close to the theater after a time difference after the play ended on the 21st.

The hotel where two people stayed is a hotel for long-term stays with kitchens and living rooms. The two left the hotel around the evening of heavy rain, shared a small umbrella and went to a nearby supermarket, bought alcohol and ingredients, and returned after check-out the next day after noon.

The media also said, “The two people who left the hotel, “I walked in a different direction as soon as I saw the reporter.” Kento Tomioka responded to questions such as “Are you dating Sarina Soda?” and “I had dated several times after the performance.”

The two management companies are consistently silently answering the scandal.

Sarina Sōda debuted in 2013 as AKB48’s sister group, SKE48. It was loved by ranking quite high, including 8th in the 2017 AKB general election and 11th in 2018. In 2018, he is a popular member who published a solo photo book, and has quite a lot of personal fans.

Kento Tomioka is from the popular four-member Johnny’s Junior MADE, which was formed in 2008. After MADE was disbanded last year, Kento Tomioka has been working in acting under the Janice office. In January, when the Janice office announced the ‘retirement age system’ for Janice Junior members, Kento Tomioka is in an uneasy position. This system is a system that terminates activities when mutual agreement on activities is not reached until March 31, which is the date of reaching the age of 22, and is expected to be established by March 2023.

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