Kim Je-dong “I make bags with a sewing machine nowadays… plan to donate profits in the future”

Kim Je-dong. Photo|Live video capture of YouTube’Park Life’

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Je-dong, who returned as an artist, introduced the recent status of learning a sewing machine and released a bag he made.

Kim Je-dong held a live broadcast commemorating the publication of the new book ‘The Moment When Questions Are Answered’ through YouTube Park Life at 11 am on the 26th.

On this day, Kim Je-dong said, “It’s awkward to talk to the camera because it’s a habit to talk with people in both directions. I think it’s an old person.”

“I’m learning a sewing machine to make a bag as a gift these days,” said Kim Je-dong, and “I hope you buy a lot of bags.”

When the netizen request to buy a bag flooded, Kim Je-dong said, “Bags are not for sale,” and “warmth” project (a project aimed at guaranteeing learning rights through online device sharing), but he could make three or four in a week. I plan to sell them together and add them to the project.”

As money-related comments such as a story about the price of a bag to be set in the future were followed, Kim Je-dong said, “The first payment I received first was sent to you (warm project) first. So, I don’t think you need to feel uncomfortable.”

In addition, Kim Je-dong said, “I feel comfortable because I don’t even have a YouTube appearance fee (which I’m doing now),” he said, circumventing the controversy over the high-cost appearance that became an issue earlier.

‘The Moment When a Question Becomes an Answer’ is a book that contains an interview with Kim Je-dong meeting seven of the most attention-grabbing experts of this era. It contains talks with Professor Kim Sang-wook of physicist, Professor Yoo Hyun-jun of architect, Dr. Shim Chae-kyung of astronomer, CEO Lee Won-jae of economic expert, Professor Jae-seung Jeong of brain scientist, Lee Jeong-mo of Gwacheon National Science Museum, and Professor Kim Chang-nam of popular culture critic.

Previously, a review article criticizing Kim Je-dong’s new book ‘The Moment When a Question Is Answered’ was deleted, leading to a ‘censorship controversy’.

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