‘Oh My Ladylord’ Lee Min-ki x Nana, writing a cohabitation contract

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‘Oh My Ladylord’ Lee Min-ki and Nana wrote a cohabitation contract.

MBC Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Oh My Ladylord’ (played by Cho Jin-guk, director Oh Da-young, production No. 3 Pictures), Han Bi-su (Lee Min-ki) and Oh Ju-in (Nana), who were snarling when they met, finally joined hands. The two decided to make a drama together, and for this, they even lived together. Finally, he shot a flare of a different cohabitation romance.

The second episode of ‘Oh My Ladylord’ began with the scene of Han Bi-su and Ju-in Oh, who strongly decorated the ending of the first episode. Han Bi-su was confused to learn that his house had been sold to the owner of Oh. However, the owner of Wu did not intend to return this house even if he received several times the money. Eventually, Han Bi-su came out of his own hanok, as if being expelled.

Apart from the problem of the house, the drama of Han Bi-su will be overturned unless the owner Oh appears. Han Bi-su, who visited Oh Ju-in’s house to hear the answer himself, accidentally went to the nursing home where Oh Ju-in’s mother was. Han Bi-su saw the human figure of Oh Ju-in that other people have never seen before. And I came to think of her a little differently. Oh Ju-in also felt grateful to Han Bi-su for helping him as if he was indifferent when it was difficult.

As we got closer to each other, it seemed like it was an unprecedented moment for Han Bi-su and Oh Ju-in to work together. But there were variables. After leaving Hanok, Han Bi-su couldn’t write even a single line. Eventually, Han Bi-su headed back to the hanok where Oh Ju-in lives. And Han Bi-su completed the script in an instant in a hanok. Oh Ju-in also read the script as if it was sucked in. However, the direction of the drama that the two think of was slightly different.

As such, the appearance of Han Bi-su and Oh Ju-in, struggling again, was caught by reporters. The moment of crisis. Oh Ju-in decided to appear in the drama of Han Bi-soo and even interviewed the reporter, turning the whole situation over. Eventually, Han Bi-su and Oh Ju-in met again at the hanok house. Following this, Han Bi-su asked Oh Ju-in to use his room as a studio. 24 hours a day.

Han Bi-su and Oh Ju-in’s cohabitation began unintentionally. While writing the cohabitation contract, Oh Ju-in made Han Bi-soo call himself “Master”. With a strong self-respect Han Bi-su calling Ju-in, and the second episode is over.

The most important thing in a romantic comedy is the chemistry and expressiveness of the male and female protagonists who fall in love in the drama. Lee Min-ki and Nana, who have been called “drawing couples” before the broadcast, breathe into the characters with delicious acting. In addition, when the two are together, the chemistry is added with a fantasy Tikitaka. I am looking forward and awaiting the true romance of Lee Min-ki and Nana’s pictorial couple, who properly make use of the taste of Romantic Comedy.

Meanwhile, MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday mini-series ‘Oh My Ladylord’ is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:20 pm.


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