PIXY Laura, Seoul Fashion Week runway decoration

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

PIXY member Laura has transformed into a fashion model.

At the 2021 F/W Seoul Fashion Week held on the 25th, PIXY’s member Laura, who is active as a ‘dark fantasy concept doll’, was selected as a brand model and attracted great interest.

Laura appeared as a model for designer Jang Yoon-kyung. Laura made her first runway after her debut with a 171cm tall, slender body, and a prominent mask. She, who was already recognized for her various outfits on stage, presented a different charm at this event. In the released video, Laura was as if she was herself. She perfectly expressed her outfit. The top with a spotted shape and the outfit that matched the ripped jeans showed off her appearance with Laura’s extraordinary outfitting power and outstanding long legs. The look full of dignity and the outer coat over the top of the jacket added a new feeling with gold, completing the unique feeling of Laura.

PIXY, where Laura is active as a member, is a large rookie emerging with a concept differentiated from the existing girl group, and it fits well with the direction pursued by the brand, and Laura stands on the runway as a model.

PIXY is emerging as the next generation ‘Performance Queen’ with its unrivaled dominance on the stage, and the music video of their debut song ‘WINGS’ garnered great attention at home and abroad, surpassing 1 million views, establishing itself as a global K-POP girl group. did.

Meanwhile, Laura, emerging as a new girl group fashion icon, is planning to continue active activities as a member of the girl group ‘PIXY’.

Laura’s brand video can be viewed on the Seoul Fashion Week website, Seoul Fashion Week YouTube, and Naver TV.



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