The missing man under ‘Curious Story Y’, the reason why he sticks to the thong

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

He pursues the grotesque behavior of a man who doesn’t wear trouser.

SBS ‘Curious Story Y’, which airs on the 26th, examines the bizarre behavior of the man that has been going on for 10 years.

Two weeks ago, a man in a coffee shop in Changwon was seen walking through the streets in strange clothes. Wearing a very short sportswear, he said, “I have taken off my pants that couldn’t be used in the car.”

But the moment he turned around, the employees were puzzled. He was not wearing sportswear, but a thong with all the buttocks exposed. What is the identity of this man in suspicious attire?

Employees facing the man’s buttocks testified: “When you first came in, you said, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry for wearing this clothes.’”

“I thought you were wearing sportswear, but later, when I looked back, he wasn’t wearing pants.”

The production crew and the man who is spherical, what is the reason he insists on the fashion without trouser?

The man in the building CCTV was familiar with something. Two years ago, it is the same as Lee, ‘Chungju Underwear man’, who was dealt with in ‘Curious Story Y’. At the time, Mr. Lee appealed to the production crew, saying that he was wearing ‘hot pants’ rather than underwear, but it was unfair to be called ‘Underwear man’.

He even promised, “I will not stand in front of people in these clothes anymore to get rid of my stigma.”

“The last time we met, you said you will never do that again” (producer)

“Did you believe that nonsense story?” (Underwear man)

Lee, who met again in a difficult way, rather showed the attitude of a red party and raised his voice saying that he would sue the production crew. Why is he so proud? Mr. Lee, who has traveled the country with the fashion of missing bottoms for as many as 10 years since 2012, causing people to tremble with fear.

He has a bolder attitude as time goes by, but is there any way to stop it? This week’s SBS ‘Curious Story Y’ will be aired at 9 pm on Friday, March 26th.

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