‘Vinsenjo’ Song Joong-ki’s punishment is continuing… The point of watching the second act revealed by the production crew

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A fierce battle between the “Vinsenjo” dark hero and the final villain takes place.

tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Vinsenjo” (directed by Kim Hee-won, playwright Park Jae-beom, planning studio Dragon, and production Logos Film) will begin its thrilling second act, starting with the 11th episode, which will air on the 27th. Mafia Vincenzo (Song Joong-ki) was angry at Babel and idols who brutally hurt innocent people, and took revenge for blood. Vinsenjo overpowered the killers and finally found the evil behind them. He told Hong Cha-young (Jeon Yeo-bin) “I found out Babel’s real boss,” and then matched his eyes with Jang Jun-woo (Ok Taek-yeon), who followed him.
The ending, which predicted a bloody war between the Dark Hero and the final Villan, thrilled me. Finally, the door to Act 2 opened. In response, the production team delivered the points to watch that should not be missed.

#Babel Boss Song Joong-ki, Dark Hero’s Hot Judgment (ft. Song Joong-ki X Jeon Yeo-bin Relationship Change)

Mafia Vincenzo, who came to Korea to take up the gold bars in the basement, began unexpected justice by protecting Geumga Plaza. And after the death of Hong Yu-chan (played by Yoo Jae-myung), he became a dark hero who was entangled in the Billans’ version and punished the villains in a malicious way. Partnering with independent lawyer Hong Cha-young, he began to smash the cartel of solid villains. Babel Construction, which tried to kick out Geumgapraza, followed by Babel Pharmaceutical, which tried to release drug-based painkillers, and Babel Chemical, which blamed victims for industrial accidents, fought fiercely against Babel Group, which deeply rooted in society and committed evil deeds. The target was not just a rogue company, Babel. There was a dark hand in collusion with Babel, including the law firm idol who took part in manipulating and concealing the case. Vinsenjo and Hong Cha-young had a pleasant and pleasant match against them. In the second act, Vincenzo and Hong Cha-young, who learned of Babel’s real boss, will face the Villans with more extraordinary operations. It is important to pay attention to the change in the relationship between the two, who have been reborn as a perfect combination, as well as the passionate punishment of the dark hero beyond imagination. Attention is also drawn to the movements of the villains, who began to be divided into the compositions of Jang Jun-woo, Choi Myung-hee (Kim Yeo-jin), Jang Han-seo (Kwak Dong-yeon), and Han Seung-hyuk (Cho Sun-cheol).

#Who will be the owner of the gold bar? Direction of Song Joong-ki’s Operation to Steal Gold Bar

The secret about gold bars, which only Vincent and the chief investigator (Choi Young-joon) knew, has spread to the entire Geumga Plaza. Gilbert (Ahn Chang-hwan), who happened to witness the death of the workers who moved the gold, spread rumors about gold bars in Geumga Plaza, which caused the tenants to flutter. It’s hard to believe, but the tenants went out looking for gold. Never knowing that tenants had learned about gold bars, Vinsenjo found a key to open a secret basement without destroying the building. However, it is not easy to open the doors of underground secret rooms without tenants knowing. As things slowed down, the investigator secretly posted a message on the Internet accusing a pharmacist and took his own action. Furthermore, Seo Mi-ri (Kim Yoon-hye), the head of the Fate Piano, seems to know something, is also unusual. No one knows when or who will find the gold. Attention is focusing on where the secret of gold bars, such as a time bomb, will explode, and whether Vincenzo will be able to enter the underground secret room to find gold bars and leave for Malta.

#Mafia Song Joong-ki’s Past + Hidden Narrative of the Geumga Plaza Family

The sketch in the dream, which seems to be the past of Mafia Vincenzo, is becoming clear. On top of that, when he witnessed the death of the bereaved family of the Babel Pharmaceutical subjects, he suddenly recalled what happened in the past. Vinsenjo, who snipes at someone with a cold face without emotion, cut his ears cruelly, and scenes that make him infer the past of a bleeding, fallen person, teddy bear, and Vinsenjo appear once in a while to create tension. Although he answered “No” to Hong Cha-young’s question “Have you ever killed a person in person,” his often deep-thinking eyes made me wonder about his mysterious past. According to the information Jang Jun-woo found, Vincent was a consilieri that all families feared and respected. It also adds to the question of what variables the past of Mafia Vincenzo will serve in future developments. Meanwhile, the extraordinary secrets of the Geumga Plaza family began to be revealed.

Dumpling ears were revealed in the beanie of Lee Chul-wook (Yang Kyung-won), the president of the pawnshop who overpowered the gunmen at once, and his wife Jang Yeon-jin (Seo Ye-hwa) showed off her enormous power to lift people up. Tak Hong-sik (played by Choi Deok-moon), president of Cheil Laundry, appeared like a comet when tenants were in crisis and defeated the services with one pair of scissors. In the second act, the historical narratives of the Geumga Plaza family, which no one expected, will be revealed. Expectations are high on what fun their stories, which will be an unexpected variable, will provide.

Meanwhile, the 11th episode of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Vinsenjo” will air at 9 p.m. on the 27th.



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