Casting of Kim Jun-soo confirmed to appear in the musical ‘Dracula’ [Official]

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Jun-soo will be joining the entire season of the musical “Dracula.”

From the historic Korean premiere in 2014 to the Samyeon stage, which returned in four years in 2020, “Shakul” Kim Jun-soo, who overwhelms the stage with his exceptional visuals and explosive singing skills, continues to meet the audience with “Dracula.” Kim Jun-soo, who created a new character with the world’s only “Dracula” by expressing a human vampire with a heartbreaking story beyond the dark and scary image of the existing “Dracula,” announced the confirmation of the title roll casting for the musical “Dracula,” which will reopen for the fourth season in a year.

The musical “Dracula” is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Irish novelist Bram Stoker and tells the story of Count Dracula, who has loved only one woman for a thousand years. Kim Jun-soo is now the representative icon of Dracula, just like his name, to the point where the formula “Dracula” is established. Kim Jun-soo, who captivated everyone by dominating the stage with dynamic performances as well as explosive singing skills every season, is expected to create another legendary stage with his own “Dracula” in 2021.

Marking the 10th anniversary of his musical debut last year, he was able to meet Kim Jun-soo’s deepening and strengthening on the third stage of “Dracula.” Kim Jun-soo, who has been standing on the stage with a more mature appearance, has poured out his inner workings of the past 10 years on the stage, adding to its significance. Kim Jun-soo, who showed off his best performance in every performance and set a milestone of 100 times just by performing “Dracula,” once again realized the world class Dracula by overwhelming the audience with his iconic red hair and his superhuman acting of “Dracula.”

Kim Jun-soo, who showed off the devilish energy of Dracula with his charismatic singing ability and expressed his heart to Mina, Dracula’s eternal love, drew a perfect variation of emotion with a soft tone of romantic mood. Kim Jun-soo’s broad singing is a cruel vampire, but he adds vitality to the dramatic life of “Dracula,” which craves 400 years of love, and also proves his true worth as the best actor with “Shakul,” a living legend of “Dracula” and irreplaceable.

Until now, Kim Jun-soo’s “Dracula” has been the hot topic of every performance, from unique visuals to character interpretation to all-time box office myths. At the time of its premiere in 2014, it attracted 100,000 viewers for about two months, continuing its reputation as “Shakul” with its unprecedented ticket power filling 3,000 seats at Sejong Center until the two-week encore performance in 2016.

In addition, Kim Jun-soo’s brand value, “Dracula,” played its role and boosted the sluggish performance market last year, raising its unique value and satisfaction.

“Dracula” is so precious that it is considered to be the best. Kim Jun-soo, who expressed his affection for the work, said, “If I have a chance, I will continue to come to ‘Dracula’.” He will make his fourth consecutive appearance in the entire season and write a new box office hit of ‘Dracula’. This is why expectations are mounting for the unique “Shakul” and musical actor Kim Jun-soo to continue to make.

Meanwhile, the musical “Dracula,” which Kim Jun-soo confirmed his appearance, will be performed at Shinhan Card Hall in Blue Square from May 18 (Tuesday) to August 1.

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