‘Gwangju’ Min Woo-hyuk → B1A4 Shin-woo reveals character poster

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

The musical “Gwangju” released a character poster full of May’s warmth.

The character poster, which was released on the 29th, features actors who are perfectly immersed in all the roles in the play against the backdrop of Gwangju’s daily appearance 41 years ago in May.

Min Woo-hyuk, who plays Park Han-soo, a member of the 505th Unit, who leads the play and is dispatched to Gwangju for his first mission, shows a strong look at his faith in democracy after agonizing over it. The line at the top of the poster, “May’s cold wind wakes me up,” shows him slowly changing his ideology among the civic groups.

Shin-woo, who plays the same role, said, “I’ll be your witness. I will reveal Park Han-soo’s determined determination to reveal the truth like the line. I will reveal all this was a conspiracy.”

Min Young-ki and Kim Jong-gu play the role of Yoon Yi-gun, a night school teacher who organized and directed the civic army, based on the actual main character of “March for the Lord.” Min Young-ki, who stared at the camera with determined eyes, said, “But I’ll remember. Through the line, ‘Our victory’,” he expressed his boldness without hesitation to reveal the truth about democracy, although he is a pure citizen. “He who knows the truth and does it truthfully. Kim Jong-gu’s line, “Forever in the truth,” added to his touching feeling by showing his firm belief that the truth of Gwangju will be revealed in May.

In addition, Jang Eun-ah, who plays Jeong Hwa-in, who runs a music history, captured the wishes of the character in the drama waiting for the spring of May. In particular, citizens can feel the belief that they want to keep until the end through the lines, “We will talk, sing and love without regret.” Lee Bom-sori and Choi Ji-hye, who play Moon Soo-kyung, a night school teacher, also drew attention by expressing various aspects of their characters in a serious atmosphere. One of the posters, “Even if the memory disappears, I will eventually live,” and “Since I was young, it’s good to have memories,” contain the fondness for the glorious day of May and the peaceful days.

Lee Jung-yeol and Park Si-won have transformed Heo In-gu, the commanding general of the 505th unit, with solid faith in soldiers, and Lee Dong-jun has transformed into Oh-hwal Saje, the spiritual support of Gwangju citizens. Ahn Chang-yong, Lim Jin-ah, Kim Tae-moon, Moon Sung-il, and Moon Nam-kwon, who are active in Gwangju Citizen’s Army, capture their natural images in their daily lives on character posters, making them feel that they were ordinary citizens around us before they were citizens.

Earlier, the musical “Gwangju” vividly reproduced the brilliant day in May by releasing two trailer videos, such as “Until that day comes,” and “As if nothing happened.” The two realistic reproductions of the day in May 41 years ago conveyed the meaning of the work with different emotions. In particular, the second trailer, which was previously unveiled, sent shivers to those who saw the streets of the May 18 Democratic Movement marching on Geumnam-ro toward the South Jeolla Provincial Government.

Gwangju, a musical produced to commemorate the 41st anniversary of the May 18 Democratic Movement, is based on the actual story of the May 18 Democratic Movement, and contains the stories of citizens who fought fiercely to protect democracy in Korea. At the 5th Korea Musical Awards, it won the grand prize, ensemble award, choreography award, screenplay award, and music award (composition), and producer award in creative category, receiving favorable reviews as “a must-see work for Koreans.”

It will also show the glory of the premiere of the musical “Gwangju,” which will deliver the impressions of the day to the stage in May. The re-performance, which closely complements each character’s narrative and story, will present a beautiful harmony of 32 actors, including Min Woo-hyuk, Shin Woo-woo, Min Young-ki, Kim Jong-gu, Jang Eun-ah, Lee Bom-sori, and Lee Jung-yeol, to the audience.

The musical “Gwangju” was led by Ko Sun-woong, who is widely known to the public for directing the closing ceremony of the Paralympics, and Choi Woo-jung, a talented composer who composed the opera “1945,” joined forces once again following the premiere. In addition, top creators in the Korean musical field, including artistic director Yoo Hee-sung, music director Lee Sung-joon, choreography director Shin Sun-ho, stage designer Kim Jong-seok, sound designer Kwon Ji-hwi and lighting designer Baek Si-won, will participate.

Hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Gwangju Metropolitan City, organized by the Gwangju Cultural Foundation and Live, and co-produced by Live and Marbangjin, a dramatic factory, will open at the LG Art Center on April 13.


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