Ham So-won, no explanation of allegations of manipulation… “Thank you for comforting my aunt.”

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Ham So-won thanked aunt babysitter without clarifying the suspicion of manipulating the TV show, ‘The Taste of Wife’.

On the 29th, Ham So-won posted on her Instagram, “#Family Two years ago, my aunt sister and I became a family. She is more energetic and prettier now,” she said. “For a few days, don’t think badly. Like my mother, my aunt tells me seriously about the weight of life and comforts me. I’m having lunch again and going out for a walk around Baegun Lake. Thank you.”

In the photo released together, her aunt is staring at the camera with Evolution and the ball face to face. Netizens in the chemistry of real hat-like people said, “It’s a good relationship ^^ So-won would be comforting because she made me meet her family-like aunt during difficult times. She really looks like your family”, “I cheer. “This family” and so on.

Meanwhile, Ham So-won was caught up in various suspicions, such as calling kimchi as Pao Cha on social media, the manipulating the villa of her parents-in-law, and the manipulating the phone call with her brother-in-law. Ham So-won, who was consistently silently responding to this, suddenly said, “Thank you for your love, dear viewers. I will come back again after learning a lot of what I lack,” she said on her SNS, saying that she got off at TV Chosun’s Tuesday entertainment ‘The Taste of Wife’.


Photo|Sowon Ham SNS
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