‘On and Off’ Kim Se-jeong visited her hometown with Twice Ji-hyo

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer and actor Kim Se-jeong will visit her hometown.

On tvN’s “On & Off,” which will air on the 30th, Kim Se-jeong, who returned with her new song “Warning,” will reveal her daily life at home and her phenomenal OFF with Twice Jihyo.

Kim Se-jeong reveals her hometown house to give admiration. Her hometown is expected to deliver abundant healing with picturesque scenery and an open garden reminiscent of the movie Little Forest. Kim Se-jeong, who said she visits this place every OFF, will open her eyes in the second floor room to enjoy the scenery on the terrace and show her morning daily life while drinking coffee.

On this day, Ji-hyo of TWICE appeared in her hometown house, drawing attention. The two, known as best friends and soulmates, will show various charms from short drives to their cooking skills. Kim Se-jeong and Ji-hyo, who discovered the tempered liquor while cooking, even use their feet to eat it, making them laugh.

You can also see Kim Se-jeong and Ji-hyo’s exciting stage in the corner of the room. It is expected that the karaoke room prepared in the house will give off overflowing excitement and talent. The surprise guest who took the mound at the karaoke room will be shown on the air.

Meanwhile, Kim Se-jeong smiles as she shows her natural side before preparing a meal. Kim Se-jeong, who went to the garden in front of her house to study ingredients while preparing breakfast with her mother, reportedly showed a perfect natural appearance, digging for vegetables at her own request.

Kim Se-jeong, who went out with her mother and grandmother after a long time, not only carefully selects her grandmother’s spring clothes, but also shows off her frugal granddaughter by paying coolly.

It will also release a family photo shoot that said it was her bucket list this year. The three mothers and daughters will take care of each other in a long-time photo studio and deliver warm smiles and healing.

On this day’s broadcast, you can meet the daily lives of actress Ko Won-hee, who is loved a lot for her role as Lee Kwang-tae in the drama “Revolutionary Sisters”.

tvN’s ‘On & Off’ airs every Tuesday night at 10:30 p.m.



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