‘Playing Sister’ Cha Yoo-Ram X Sruong Pheavy sortie, billiard geniuses coaching confrontation

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Cha Yoo-Ram, the ancestor of the billiards world, and Sruong Pheavy, the ‘Park Se-ri of the billiards world’ lead the sisters to the world of billiards.

On the T-Cast E channel ‘Playing Sister’ (directed by Bang Hyun-young and Park Ji-eun), broadcast on the 30th, the introductory notes of the older sisters are drawn. In addition, the indoor martial arts Asian Games gold medalist Cha Yoo-Ram and the three-cushion strongest Sruong Pheavy, ranked 1st in KBF (Korea Billiards Federation) and 2nd place in UMB (World Billiards Federation), are scrambling as masters, attracting interest from sports fans. Is losing.

For the 1st “Playing Sister Billiards Tournament,” the older sisters will divide the teams into Park Se-ri, Kim On-ah, Jung Yoo-in, and Nam Hyun-hee, Han Yu-mi, and Kwak Min-jeong to visit the masters of each team to learn. Nam Hyun-hee’s team enlists Cha Yoo-Ram as a master and receives advanced skills from the basics.

When the older sisters with little knowledge of billiards meet the master, they each try to mobilize the knowledge they have seen and heard from somewhere, but in the eyes of the masters, they are full of habits and wrong knowledge that need to be corrected.

Among them, Cha Yoo-ram, who saw Kwak Min-jeong’s finger, corrected, saying, “The worst grip came out,” and Pheavy said, “This behavior is something bad (?) people do.” This is said to begin to ignite the educational passion of the two masters who want to properly teach billiards, and to practice true Spartan training.

In particular, Pheavy, who trained for 20 hours a day, frequently blows fact bombs to keep you alert, and points out what went wrong immediately to keep you nervous. It is said that Master Pheavy’s training method was strong enough to grab her rich sister Pak Se-ri at once. Cha Yoo-Ram also said that he shows the prowess of responding to Han Yu-mi’s wacky questions without flickering, and the synergy between the two who will be bound by the unique priest Chemie is also expected.

On this day, after two masters’ passionate lessons, a billiard prodigy who succeeds in 3-cushioning is also born. You can see who is the protagonist who first tasted the 3 cushions of the ‘Playing Sister’ member, and the struggling struggling of the beginners to become the best in billiards through the broadcast on the 30th.

It is broadcast on the T-Cast E channel ‘Playing Sister’ and aired on Netflix, and you can see the live news of the players right away through the official Instagram and YouTube E channel.


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