‘Same Bed Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny’ Ryu Yi-seo “Jun Jin sometimes grumble”

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Ryu Yi-seo, the wife of Jun Jin, revealed her husband’s pros and cons.

The first generation of legendary idols of SBS’ Monday entertainment show ‘Same Bed Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny’, which airs on the 29th, has been pre-released. On the same day, Jun Jin and Ryu Yi-seo invited Shinhwa Andy, Baby Vox Shim Eun-jin and Shakra Hwangbo to their homes.

When Shim Eun-jin asked, “Yi-seo, what do you like about Jun Jin?” Ryu said, “He never change.” I’m trying to do better from the beginning of my relationship until now. He’s so good.” “Is it okay if I tell everything?” she said.

When Hwangbo and Shim Eun-jin said, “You can say everything,” Ryu said, “Everything is good, but sometimes he sometimes grumble. For example, if you asked me to dress you up, you said it was good the day before, but the next day, he complained, saying, “The pants are too short, but the barrel is too small.”

When Hwangbo shouted, “Oh, you shouldn’t say that way, Jun Jin,” Ryu Yi-seo said, “I’ll complain later, so I said, ‘You should wear it and go out.’

Hwangbo asked, “Why did you ask that?” Jun Jin said, “I thought it would be okay when I wore it the previous day, but it could be bad in the morning. So I decided not to do it anymore,” he said. “Then it’s settled,” Hwangbo said.

In response, Shim Eun-jin said, “I saw it on the news as I passed by, and it is said that men and women are different as if it were a racial trait. Women turn around and know and understand each other by feeling, while men of course have such a person, but they say that they have to talk simply. The easiest way is to do this until a few days, and men do it amazingly. It is said that if a woman says, “I know and do it until then,” she gets confused. You have to say it correctly.” “If you say so, I like it,” said Jun Jin.

Shim Eun-jin said, “If you don’t say that, call me.” Ryu said. “I took his side until the end.

Jun Jin married Ryu Yi-seo, a former flight attendant, in September last year.


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