‘Afternoon Hope’ Yoo Seong-eun X Soyeon revealed #Comeback impression #Jo Se-ho #Choi Jin-hee

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Singers Yoo Sung-eun and So-yeon appeared in “Afternoon Hope” to express their feelings about their comeback, and also revealed various episodes.

MBC FM4U’s “I’m Kim Shin-young, the Afternoon Hope” (hereinafter referred to as “Afternoon Hope”) aired on the 30th, featured singers Yoo Sung-eun and Soyeon as guests.

Kim Shin-young, DJ of the day, said, They are the two with unique voices. Yoo Sung-eun, the R&B goddess who will urgently inject emotional glucose, and Soyeon, the voice goddess, introduced the two.

Kim Shin-young said to Soyeon, who first appeared in “Afternoon Hope,” “The production team investigated to find a close relationship between me and Soyeon.” She talked about an article came out in 2011, said Kim Shin-young, who mentioned that she stole food from Soyeon’s waiting room in the past, drawing laughter.

Soyeon recalled, “It was when Shin-young ate very freely.” “I still remember what she said when she came to the waiting room and said, ‘I think Soyeon is the funniest in the world.’

In response, Kim Shin-young said, “So-yeon was really fun. “I usually don’t go to other people’s waiting rooms, but I feel good when I go to Soyeon’s waiting room,” he said. “Surely enough, Soyeon’s fans gave me a lunch box today, but now I don’t eat it.” She added laughter.

Soyeon released her new single ‘interview’ on the 24th. It turned out that the composer worked with a coma, and Soyeon wrote the lyrics herself.

“The reporter’s question in the introduction of the song is the actual voice of the reporter. It’s an item that the composer, Chaos-tae, saved.

When Kim Shin-young said, “Everyone expected Soyeon to come back with a dance song because she was from the group T-ara,” Soyeon replied, “I thought I should do the music that fans want rather than the music I want to do or the music I want.”

“You may think of the group T-ara as a dance group, but T-ara songs also contain sad emotions.” That`s why I`m here with a ballad song for those who want to feel sad.

Yoo Sung-eun released her new single ‘Let’s Listen’ on the 22nd. She said, “When I first received the song, I felt like I was in the second round of ‘Stop As It Is’. So I loved it. “I’m not aiming for the next healing song, but the lyrics are about listening to the song, so there are so many tired people that listening to the story comforts me, so I hope many people listen to it.”

Yoo Sung-eun then revealed that comedian Cho Se-ho appeared in the special video for “I’ll Listen.” So-yeon said, “I wanted to invite Jo Se-ho to the music video of ‘Interview’ but she said her ransom has gone up. They were very busy and hot.”

When Kim Shin-young asked, “What does Jo Se-ho say about acting?” Yoo Seong-eun said, “I didn’t say anything separately, but thanks to Jo Se-ho, the atmosphere on the set was so good. You were so good at acting drunk.

Kim Shin-young said, “That’s my daily life,” but added, “Jo Se-ho is so loyal. It takes away the time I really don’t have, regardless of money,” Jo Se-ho said.

Yoo Sung-eun also said, “My goal is to be number one since I was born as a singer.” When Kim Shin-young led the atmosphere, saying, “Let’s pretend that you won first place and say how we feel,” Yoo Sung-eun said, “I think I’ll be emotional just imagining it.”

Then Soyeon picked Choi Jin-hee as a respectful singer. “My mother likes Choi Jin-hee very much,” he said. “When I was a baby, I was shocked to see my mother crying while listening to Choi Jin-hee’s songs. I think he’s a great vocalist.”

At the end of the show, Yoo Seong-eun said, “Thank you for being able to sing at a time like this. “I will continue to work hard in the future.
Soyeon was happy because it was her first appearance on ‘Afternoon Hope’. I hope you will continue to listen to the voices of the two singers.

Yoo Sung-eun’s new song “I’ll Listen” is a song characterized by a sweet R&B sound, which captures the heart of a woman who wants to listen to anything for her hard and tired lover.

Soyeon’s new song, “Interview,” is a ballad that thoroughly melts memories of past love and current feelings in the form of an interview, and is characterized by loud vocals and sophisticated melodies.


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