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Director Kim Na-kyung-Woo Ji-hyun-Shim Dal-gi-Kang Gil-woo (from left to right) Photo | Reporter Yoo Yong-seok

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

“DUST-MAN” Woo Ji-hyun, Sim Dal-gi, Kang Gil-woo, will visit the theater this spring with a message of consolation and positivity.

On the afternoon of the 30th, a preview and press conference of the movie “DUST-MAN” was held at Lotte Cinema at the entrance of Konkuk University in Seoul. Director Kim Na-kyung and actor Woo Ji-hyun and Sim Dal-gi Kang Gil-woo attended.

“DUST-MAN” is a movie in which Tae-san (Woo Ji-hyun), who chose to live a wandering life, is painting on dust, healing wounds and finding hope for life.

Director Kim Na-kyung, who made her feature-length debut with “DUST-MAN”, said, “I started the scenario three years ago and there are times when I was having a hard time. I saw a picture on the Internet. Someone drew a picture of praying on the dust. When I saw the picture, I felt comforted without realizing it, and I wanted to include the feeling in the movie. I focused on dust and dust art because I thought of the scenario.”

She then said, “The reason why I wrote Noh Sook-in is that the title Dustman is simply a scene where we draw together among the longevity, and I thought the character Tae-san was DUST-MAN. In that sense, I naturally thought of a person who had no fixed residence as rich as dust.”

Also, regarding the subject of dust art, “I felt like the wound was being washed away. If you connect the meaning with dust, it will be erased when the wind blows and disappear quickly. Instead, I thought it was valuable when the painting was left. It was like our lives. Although Tae-san seems to have lost her direction, I think it would be good to think that she used dust art to find directions and affirm his life.”

Woo Ji-hyun, who showed his solid presence with “Winter’s Night”, plays the role of “Tae-san,” a man who paints on dust. He played the role of Moa, an art college student who showed natural charm and energy as an actor through Netflix dramas “The School Nurse Files”, tvN’s “Hospital Playlist”, and Netflix’s four-part “Kiss Burn”. On top of that, Kang Gil-woo, who has unique acting skills, played the role of Do-joon, who has a developmental disability living on the road with “Tae-san.”

Woo Ji-hyun said, “Unlike Tae-san, there is a bluff. “Tae-san was attracted because he was a person who accepted the pain that he had to face without using any harsh words”.

“The material and background itself are new backgrounds that cannot be seen in other media,” he said. Personally, I was greedy as an actor because I always played the role of a teenager and played a rebellious character, but I thought it would be a new challenge because Moa is an adult and a very cheerful and altruistic person.”

He also hinted at the relationship between Tae-san and Moa, saying, “First of all, I tried not to look like a romance because I thought a lot with the director about how to avoid such a cliché.”

Kang Gil-woo said about playing Do-joon, who has a developmental disability, “I talked a lot about how much I should express because the director gave me visual materials or rice paddies.” “There was a specific reference. He was a character in a documentary. Looking at the character, I tried to study something related to disability, but the character seemed to be more of a person’s personality. I thought the positive energy that the person had was affecting people around me, so I tried to bring that part to the Do-joon.”

Director Kim Na-kyung said of the actors’ casting, “When Woo Ji-hyun said she was looking for Tae-san, they recommended Woo Ji-hyun the same way. Watching the video clip of Lee Moon-se, I thought of a lot of things. The moment I came in the door, I thought it was a big deal. Woo Ji-hyun plays the role accurately. At the same time, he was helped and relied on because he accepted what I was saying. You say the same thing about the heart attack. I think it’s fate if you recommend it. He already recognized that the actor’s texture is similar to his character. Shim Dal-gi was an actress who made me wonder whenever he acted because of his strong energy. It made me feel more energetic.”

“I met her because Woo Ji-hyun recommended it. Kang Il-woo seems older than Woo Ji-hyun, but he asked me if I cast him as a younger brother. The character Do-joon is warm and Do-joon is a younger brother, but he hoped Tae-san would have a strong image because he is like a family and home.
Kang Il-woo was the perfect actor.

Finally, she said of DUST-MAN, “There is a fairy tale and I tried to avoid being targeted when expressing homeless people, and I visited social organizations, showed scenarios to social activists, and was screened. I visited documentaries on housing poverty. I researched the data in the best I could. I hope I can give comfort and positive power to those who watched the movie.”

“DUST-MAN” will be screened on April 7th.

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