Jae-jae, the beginner of stock investment who loves stocks of western companies self-congratulations on ‘Long live for independence’… “Am I a stock genius?”

[Intern reporter Lee Ji-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Jae-jae showed the aspect of stock investment beginner who is a private investor who invests in overseas stocks such as the U.S.

JTBC’s entertainment program “Independence,” which aired on the 29th, revealed the daily life of Jae-jae in the fourth week of independence. Jae-jae put his foot into overseas stocks on the same day with money that leaked as if it were leaking after his independence.

The seed money was one million won. Jae-jae bought four shares of A company from the $133 level and five shares of Q company from the $51 level.

At 1 a.m. when everyone fell asleep, Jae-jae couldn’t sleep. She could not stop laughing as he checked the ever-changing yield. Boom said, “Stop watching. No more,” said Kim Hee-chul, “I’m not sleeping yet. That’s how it works.”

Jae-jae said, “Oh, 9,800 won. It’s so much fun. When will this close? It also rose to 10,000 won. How is it so fun to watch it? I should have put in 10 million won, he said. He showed his true self that he was obsessed with the fun of the stock market. “I’m not leaving the company. I’m full of expectations.” Kim Hee-chul represented stock investment beginners’ heart, saying, “I can’t sleep as soon as I go up and as soon as I fall, but I can’t sleep as I fall.”

As soon as morning came, Jae-jae immediately found his cell phone and checked the return on the stock. Jae-jae was impressed by the 2.05 percent increase in returns. “I can’t live. It’s really higher than yesterday.”

In a subsequent interview, Jae Jae said, No, it was 17,000 won. “I bought a cup or two of coffee yesterday and it’s over, but today I can order delivery.”

“How long has it been? Red is also a lucky color,” she said, expressing her admiration. “I’m not a stock genius,” she said. “I knew you would do that,” said Kim Hee-chul, shaking his hand.

Jae-jae said in an interview, “Even if it goes up like this, it is 17,000 won. Then, if you invested 10 million won, it would be 170,000 won. If we do well, we can cover the monthly management fee with stocks.”

Then Kim Hee-chul said, “I want to stop you because your expression is not like a joke,” and Song Eun-yi agreed, saying, “That expression is so scary.”


Photo| JTBC independence hurray broadcast screen capture
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