‘Video star’ Uhm Hyeon-kyung, what is the dizzying story that almost became a victim of a fire accident?

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Uhm Hyeon-kyung reveals the dizzying story of almost losing her life in a fire.

MBC Every1’s entertainment program ‘Video Star’, which airs today (30th) at 8:30 pm, is a special feature of chinchin vibes, ‘Please pay attention~!’ While it is decorated with, Choi Yoon-young, Uhm Hyeon-kyung, Han Bo-reum, and Ju-woo Lee will appear and show various things to see.

On this day, Uhm Hyeon-kyung revealed an anecdote that almost lost her life in the fire. In the past, Uhm Hyeon-kyung was afraid to get attention because of her introverted personality. Then one day, when I learned that the building was on fire due to a noisy sound, people were staring outside the window and surprised everyone by telling me that they couldn’t escape. When the MCs who heard this expressed their concern, Uhm Hyeon-kyung was very unfamiliar in her 20s, but it was said to have reassured the MCs, saying that it disappeared after her 30s.

In addition, Uhm Hyeon-kyung, who had been well received for her bloody bad acting, raised curiosity by revealing that the elk helped him to act as a villain. He usually had a small voice, but he started to squeeze his throat when he was doing vocal chords of an elk. Accordingly, Uhm Hyeon-kyung’s own villain Elk Shouting was also shown, combining the elk vocal mimic and the villain line. Uhm Hyeon-kyung’s shouting that filled the studio can be seen on the broadcast.

On the other hand, Uhm Hyeon-kyung boasted of a ‘strength’ look, saying that he planned a breakup trip when his best friend Lee Ju-woo broke up. He even ordered a banner directly to make fun of Lee Joo-woo, who broke up. Uhm Hyeon-kyung kept the placard to be recycled to the next breakup person, but the rest of her best friends came to break up one after another, making them laugh by revealing that it was like the curse of the placard.

Uhm Hyeon-kyung’s honest talk can be met at 8:30 pm on the 30th at MBC Every1’Video Star’.


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