Eden releases new song ‘Hold Me’ today (31st)

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Eden’s emotional voice doubles and returns.

On the 30th, on the official SNS of Eden’s agency KQ Entertainment, a preview video of the sound source of ‘EDEN STARDUST Season 2’ vol.10 was released.

In the video, Eden’s gentle humming spreads against a blue sky full of clouds and a wide field, followed by a grooved drum beat. The vivid color space soon turns into dry black and white as if the night has come, and the title of the song ‘Hold Me’ and the release date come to mind as subtitles.

Eden’s new song ‘Hold Me’ is a song in the genre of alternative rock ballads, containing a heartfelt and warm message, ‘When someone reaches out, I hope you hold it tightly’, Eden’s musical appreciation with a flexible vocal while a lyrical melody stands out. Is expected to be revealed.

In particular, the monthly project ‘Eden Stardust Season 2’, which started in June last year, will release the 10th sound source, and this ‘Hold Me’ will be filled only with the voice of ‘Eden’ without collaboration with other artists. The situation where expectations have grown even further.

Meanwhile, Eden’s ‘Eden Stardust Season 2’ vol.10 ‘Hold Me’ will be released on the main music site at 6 pm on the 31st.


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