Eun Ga-eun “Yang Ji-eun payment flex…forever”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Trot singer Eun Ga-eun was pleased with Yang Ji-eun’s great gift.

On the 31st, Eun Ga-eun posted two articles and two videos, “Yang Ji-eun payment flex ~ Yang Ji-eun, be forever” on her Instagram story on the 31st.

In the released video, Eun Ga-eun and Yang Ji-eun visited a store. Eun Ga-eun is happy, shouting to Yang Ji-eun, who pays for her gift, “Our ‘Miss Trot 2’Jin Yang Ji-eun is giving a gift.” .

As a result, Yang Ji-eun said, “Stop it,” and showed a shy response and made a laugh.

Yang Ji-eun and Eun Ga-eun took first place and seventh place in the TV Chosun entertainment program ‘Miss Trot 2’, which ended on the 4th, respectively. TOP7, including the two, appeared on the JTBC entertainment program ‘Knowing Brother’, which aired on the 27th.

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