Oh Eun-young “Determination of time limit… Call the name of the son just before the surgery”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Problem Child in House’, Oh Eun-young recalled the time limit was judged.

In the KBS2 entertainment program ‘Problem Child in House’, broadcast on the 30th, Oh Eun-young, a pediatrician psychiatrist, appeared as a guest.

On this day, Oh Eun-young confided the fact that he had been judged for a limited time in the past. She said, “Doctors don’t take good care of their health. They say they know a lot. So, they often neglect health checkups.”

“In 2008, the Gangnam Severance Hospital conducted a medical examination for the alumni. At the end of the abdominal ultrasound examination, he said that a suspected lump was found in the gallbladder as a malignant tumor. ‘How long can I live with a malignant tumor?’

Oh Eun-young, who reported this to her husband in the car on her way home, said, “My husband was trembling and couldn’t drive. My husband cried while weeping, and I became calmer than I thought. After reviewing the important documents, I reviewed important documents, and then my husband and all kinds of information. And said that I prepared my heart, saying, ‘Let’s not talk about it because my parents are old’.”

However, cancer cells were found in the large intestine following the gallbladder. Oh Eun-young said, “If there is a possibility of metastasis. I couldn’t rule it out completely. If it was metastasized, I could live for about 3 months,” he said.

Oh Eun-young recalled the day before the surgery. She said, “While holding my husband’s hand, ‘Thank you so much and I loved you. Even if I go, it’s okay to have someone who is good later. Don’t be sorry to me.’ Then my husband cried.”

“On the day of the surgery, I cried while walking in the operating room,” he said. “At that time, my son was in the fifth grade of elementary school, and my son’s face was tightly packed on my head and chest like a tray. From the moment the child was born in that short time, the memories of his son passed by,” she said.

Fortunately, Oh Eun-young, who finished the operation safely, said, “It was okay because it was a gallbladder or benign, and colon cancer was in the early stages. I had a good surgery and recovered.”

On the other hand, ‘Problem Child in House’ is a knowledge talk show that contains the contents of struggling to solve problems while trapped in a rooftop room where 10 problems can be solved. It airs every Tuesday at 10:40 pm.


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