Sun-mi and Baek Jong-won met again… Chicken Ribs (‘Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’)

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Sun-mi appears at ‘Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’.

In the SBS entertainment program ‘Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’, which airs on the 31st, the third episode of the 31st alley ‘Gil-dong Alley in Gangdong-gu’ will be unveiled.

Pasta Restaurant, which announced that it had brought the price of the acquaintance store as it was, foreshadowed extensive costing, began costing ‘Alio Olio’ with Baek Jong-won. The boss, who finished the first cost calculation with Baek Jong-won’s step-by-step explanation, was confused by the unexpected cost of food materials, and MCs Kim Seong-ju and Jung In-seon, who watched it, were surprised to say “It is shocking.”

In addition, a tutor who was specially invited by Baek Jong-won for the president of a pasta restaurant who lacked basic skills visited the alley in Gil-dong. The protagonist is ‘Michelin Star Chef’ Fabrizio from Italy. After tasting the pasta of the boss, Fabry made everyone laugh with honest evaluations of “You are really creative” and “It tastes strange”. Then, when Fabrizio’s one-on-one solution, faithful to the basics of pasta, was launched, the president showed a consistently passionate appearance, admiring the drawing and taking notes of even a small tip.

‘Nogari Jjim Restaurant’, which captivated 3MC’s appetite with ‘kodari hotpot’, the number one sales in last week’s broadcast, and faced new possibilities, put off the thought of nogari-jjim for a week and immersed in research on ‘kodari boiled’. They showed the newly researched kodari stew.

In addition, the boss who was cleaning up the menu with Baek Jong-won on this day surprised everyone by saying that he would abruptly give up the nogari-jjim, which he had adhered to for 11 years. The reason why the president of ‘Nogari Lover’, who usually showed extraordinary pride in Nogari Jjim, declared separation from Nogari can be confirmed through the broadcast.

Meanwhile, Sun-mi, a singer known as ‘Waiting for Baek Jong-won,’ visited the alley in Gil-dong. Sun-mi, who revealed that she is a ‘chicken rib mania’ enough to have a 15-year-old regular restaurant, visited a chicken rib restaurant with Baek Jong-won, foreshadowing an honest evaluation. However, unlike her frank evaluation, Sun-mi was very satisfied with the boss’s chicken ribs, which she practiced for a week, and showed off a storm meal.

During the tasting of chicken ribs, Baek Jong-won made a new menu by mixing the boss’s basic chicken ribs and jajang chicken ribs on the spot. Seeing this, Sun-mi said, “It’s like Rosé Dakgalbi.” Baek Jong-won and Su-mi, who sampled the new menu, said, “It’s much more delicious than the existing Dak Ribs,” while MC Kim Seong-ju and Jung In-sun, MCs of the Seodanggae Association, responded that the Jajang Dak Ribs, which we sampled last week, seemed to be better.

The 3rd episode of Gil-dong Alley, Gangdong-gu, which made everyone nervous with an unexpected story, can be found at ‘Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant, which airs at 10:30 pm on the 31st.

‘Alley Restaurant’. Photo lSBS

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