‘Cultwo Show’ Kim Se-jung x Stella Jang “We hope our songs can soothe you”

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Singer Kim Se-jung and Stella Jang appeared on “Cultwo Show” and released various episodes related to their new songs.

In SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show”, which aired on the 1st, singers Kim Se-jung and Stella Jang, who returned with the new song “Warning,” appeared as guests. Comedian Shin Bong-sun joined as the special DJ.

DJ Shin Bong-sun introduced Kim Se-jung and Stella Jang, saying, “The voice looks like cherry blossoms in full bloom.”

“I enjoyed the drama (OCN’s phenomenal floodgates). How many levels do you have to describe yourself as a demon?” In response, Kim said it was “three steps.” When Shin Bong-sun asked, “What’s that?” Kim replied, “It’s the evil stage.” Shin Bong-sun asked, “Then, what level am I at?” and Kim Se-jung answered in a cute way, saying, “Step zero.” Shin Bong-sun said, “I think I’m going to count.” Kim Tae-kyun said, “I think it will be level 2.5,” drawing laughter.

When Kim Tae-kyun asked, “Did you two have a relationship?” Stella Jang replied, “We’re meeting for the second time.” Kim Se-jung said, “We overlapped last time. I said hello first. I enjoy watching Stella Jang’s YouTube channel. “At this time last year, (Kim Se-jung) said, “Let’s say hello first and take a picture. I was grateful,” she said, continuing the warm atmosphere.

Asked about the introduction of the new song, Stella Jang said, “The new song “Blue Turn pink” is not a solo project. I collaborated with cosmetics brand. I collaborated, but it was good for me to hear, so I turned to work.” “It’s called depression caused by the COVID-19.” I hope our gloomy days will be scattered with cherry blossoms.

When Shin Bong-sun asked, “Did you model other than music?” Stella Jang said, “I took it as a limited project for this cosmetics ad.” Kim Tae-kyun said, “Cosmetics commercials are everyone’s dream. “Have you tried Kim Se-jung and Shin Bong-sun?” she answered, “I’ve tried both.”

Stella Jean said, “It’s a commercial. It was amazing. I felt like I was a real cosmetic model when I was filming this beautifully.”

When Kim Tae-kyun asked, “If you model cosmetics, you’ll get cosmetics.” Stella Jang said, “You get a lot. I wondered if I could use it for the rest of my life. I think we can set up a store.”

Kim Tae-kyun then wrote and composed all the songs for the “Wanning” album. Please brag about it,” Kim Se-jung said. “The message I have is, ‘You can rest, rest will also be a challenge.’ Opinions overlap with Stella Jang. I feel depressed, thoughtful, and angry because it overlaps with Corona. So I wanted to feel healing, so I came out with a cheerful song.

In response, Kim Tae-kyun said, “It’s called three shots. Se-jung ballad. “This time, it’s a different song,” Kim said. “It’s a semi-bal. “It’s a medium ballad,” said Se-jung.

When Kim Tae-kyun asked, “Why is the title ‘Wanning’ when it’s a healing song?” Kim Se-jung said, “It means warning.” If you run, you don’t know when you really need to rest and keep running. You should take a rest by giving a warning,” she said. Shin Bong-sun said, “You’re too mature. It’s not easy to know at this age. “I have a lot of thoughts.”

Kim Tae-kyun said to Shin Bong-sun, “I have to rest,” and Shin Bong-sun said, “I still came out after resting,” drawing laughter.

When a listener said, “I watch Stella Jean’s radio,” she said, “The movie Interstellar,” which drew laughter. In response, Stella Jang said, “In fact, her Instagram ID is ‘Interstellar Stella Jang.’

When Kim Tae-kyun asked, “Why is your name Stella Jang?” Stella Jang said, “I lived in France for a long time, but my homeroom teacher couldn’t pronounce my real name, Sung-eun.” Then the teacher asked, “What does the name mean?” The meteor’s last name is “star” and it is said to be a star. In response, Stella also used it as her real name because it means a star. And I have been using Stella Jang since I came to Korea. “I used the name I used to use when I was studying abroad,” Kim said.

“A while ago, at ‘On & Off,’ Se-jung went to her hometown in Gimje, North Jeolla Province,” Kim Tae-kyun said. How are you doing with your grandmother and mother? Kim Se-jung said, “Mothers and daughters are close. Three generations are close. So we have a habit of being honest and talking without skipping. She is determined and his opinion is clear. So if you’re grateful, I’m sure you’re grateful. Kim Tae-kyun understood, “I think I’m grown-up by talking to adults.”

When Shin Bong-sun said, “I heard that Stella Jang is doing stocks these days,” Stella Jang said, “I’ve been doing it for two years, not these days.” It went on a broadcast on SBS, and the writer said, “Stock is easy.” I don’t remember the name right now, but she said, “Ants are a similar type of broadcast to Tundun.”

When Kim Tae-kyun asked, “Are you going well without any damage?” Stella Jang said, “I didn’t see any damage.”

“I’ve heard that we’re working harder on stocks than on music,” Stella said. “This is the problem. I even subscribe to the economic newspaper. We only look at stocks during the opening hours. Shin Bong-sun said, “I won’t have time until after 4 o’clock,” and Stella said, “That’s right. Now it was so hard that I turned to another place. I am thinking of an asset management company. “It’s hard for me to manage, so I’m asking you to manage my assets.” When Shin Bong-sun asked, “How was it?” she said, “I haven’t tried it yet. Now I have to go for counseling.

When Kim Tae-kyun said, “I don’t think I’ve heard Cultwo Show for a while because I’m investing in stocks,” Shin Bong-sun said, “Of course. Isn’t the Cultwo Show ending at 4 o’clock?” she said, drawing laughter. Then Shin Bong-sun said, “I have a personality. It’s meticulou.”

When a listener asked Kim Se-jung, “I said I would walk on a flower path, but are you walking on a flower path now?” Kim Se-jung said, “When I was on an audition program, I only let my parents walk on a flower path.” But I think about it, it was always a flower road.

Shin Bong-sun said, “The eyes of the two cool musicians listening to each other’s music today are cool. I would have done the same when I was young,” she said.

As a final greeting, Kim Se-jung said, “We can start our first show today and watch the performance. “I hope I can get some healing with “Wanning.” Stella Jean said, “It was fun with me on the Cultwo show.
I hope you invite me again next time and have a good time.

Meanwhile, Kim Se-jung’s title song “Warning” contains Kim Se-jung’s special support and comfort, saying, “When you need to rest, let’s go rest.” Kim Se-jung’s comeback stage will be unveiled for the first time on Mnet’s “M Countdown” at 6 p.m. on the 1st.

Stella Jang’s new song “Blue Turn pink” is a warm-hearted song prepared by Innisfree and Stella Jang, hoping to shake off all the hearts of customers who cringe with COVID-19.


Photo| SBS Visible Radio Capture
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