‘Sumi Lodge’ Lim Sang-ah, the reason for refusing handsome unrequited love “I don’t think I’m serious”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer and fashion designer Lim Sang-ah reveals her heart.

In the SKY and KBS2 entertainment program ‘Sumi Lodge’, which airs today (1st) at 10:40 pm, Sang-ah Sang will appear as a guest.

On this day, the existence of an acquaintance of Park Myung-soo, who said he had unrequited love for Lim Sang-ah, is revealed and robs the hutkeepers’ gaze. Jun Jin was also cautious, saying, “I can’t reveal my real name…”, but Lim Sang-ah thought about it and said coolly, “Ah, that’s the person.” “I haven’t told you about it.”

Afterwards, Park Myung-soo asked again, “Did you know?”, and Lim Sang-ah said, “I liked it, but I didn’t really think that I was sincere. But later, it looks like it was real,” she recalled. In the following story, the story of the fluttering sum (?) between the person who had unrequited love for the clinical child and the clinical child was also revealed.

Looking back on the memory, Lim Sang-ah said, “At that time, my first love was really popular, he spoke well, and he was good-looking.” She made everyone laugh. Jung Eun-ji said, “You’re still pretty,” creating a warm atmosphere, and Lim Sang-ah smiled shyly.

The identity of ‘Park Myung-soo acquaintance’, who has unrequited love for Sang-ah, will be revealed at 10:40 pm today (1st) at 10:40 pm in the healing hand-tasting entertainment ‘Sumi Lodge’ broadcast on SKY and KBS2.


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