‘Call Center of Love’, a tympanic boyfriend full of excitement…

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

“Call of Love” TOP6 Lim Young-woong, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, Jeong Dong-won, Jang Min-ho, Kim Hee-jae, Sugar 6 Hwang Chi-yeol, Lee Seok-hoon, Na Yoon-kwon, Yoon Hyung-ryul, Jeong Se-woon, and Shin-sung soaked the home theater with spring energy with sweetness.

TV CHOSUN’s “Call Center of Love”, which aired on the 1st, soared to 12.9% of viewers nationwide and 14.8% of viewers per minute based on Nielsen Korea. After moving to Thursday, the viewer ratings topped the chart with unwavering interest and love from viewers. On this day’s broadcast, TOP6 Lim Young-woong, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, Jeong Dong-won, Jang Min-ho, Kim Hee-jae and sweet voice’s eardrum boyfriend singers, Sugar6 Hwang Chi-yeol, Lee Seok-hoon, Na Yoon-kwon, Yoon Hyung-ryul, Jeong Se-woon and Shin-sung, were featured in spring.

Armed with freshness from the start, Sugar 6 caught the eye from the opening with his sweet voice, warm visuals and honest talk. Coincidentally, Hwang Chi-yeol, who released his new song the day after the broadcast, sang the first verse of the new song until the end, while musical actor Yoon Hyung-ryul did not forget to promote the new musical. Lee Seok-hoon, who appeared just for fun without a new song or performance, later drew interest by confronting Lim Young-woong, who wanted to avoid confrontation. Shin Sung, who joined Sugar 6 as a former “Mr. Trot”, faced a humiliating situation where even the microphone was turned off amid the heckling of the trotmen, but overwhelmed the crowd with an attractive medium-low voice, making them look forward to a showdown with TOP6.

The first stage of the 1:1 match was decorated by Young-tak and Yoon Hyung-ryul. Yoon Hyung-ryul of Sugar 6 who sang “End Love” succeeded in controlling the team by scoring 100 points from the first stage, and Young-tak, who was impressed with the “Family Photo,” scored 98 points and had an exciting match. The second match was a return match between Na Yoon-kwon and Kim Hee-jae, and Kim Hee-jae scored 96 points for “I Miss You,” while Na Yoon-kwon sang “If It’s Tonight,” 98 points, giving Sugar 6 a victory.

In the third match, Jang Min-ho received 100 points with an emotional ending with “Garaji,” and Shin-sung impressed like a solo concert with “Jeongnyeong,” but received 91 points, leaving a regret. With Sugar 6 leading 2:1, Suga 6 team leader Hwang Chi-yeol challenged Tae Jin-ah’s “fool” to trot and scored 92 points for an exciting performance, but Lee Chan-won scored 99 points, drawing admiration that kept his eardrum boyfriends from closing their mouths with “No No.” In the midst of a fierce 2:2 battle, Chung Dong-won and Jeong Se-woon, the youngest members of the two teams, were selected, and Jeong Se-woon performed a different performance with his usual karaoke favorite “Ganada Ramabasa” and Chung Dong-won scored 96 points, but won 93 points.

In the special unit competition, which is the highlight of “Sakol,” Lim Young-woong and Kim Hee-jae’s Hee-woong team and Lee Seok-hoon and Jeong Se-woon’s Shin Sung-woon said, “I was touched by the divinity of positive attitudes despite all the unfavorable factors.” Since then, Hee-woong’s team received 100 points for their original eardrum boyfriend song “You Are My Girl,” and Shin Sung-team, who sang “Run in the Sky,” lost with 91 points, the same as Shin Sung’s actual score, and handed over the “Lucky Box Option”.”

In addition, Suga 6 heated up the atmosphere by performing exciting dance medley such as “Show”, “Speed”, “Kungdari Shabara” and “I Am Butterfly”, and TOP6 also sang “Doronam”, “Crying Over Park Dal-jae”, “Eoy” and “My Own Woman” in a row.

In the final match, Lim Young-woong and Lee Seok-hoon even appeared as decalcomani-class, drawing attention from everyone.
Lim Young-woong scored 100 points by singing “Q” of his favorite singer Cho Yong-pil, and Lee Seok-hoon showed a moist sentimental trot with “Thank you,” but the two teams tied 3:3 with 91 points due to “The Energy of the Divinity.” TOP6, which had the “lucky box option,” gave the right to pick the winner of Suga 6, and eventually won the final victory by taking the luck of adding two more wins. Suga6’s Shin Sung, who continued his hard work to benefit TOP6, gave a big smile until the end and created a good time.

Meanwhile, ‘Call Center of Love’ airs every Thursday at 10 p.m.


‘Call Center of Love’. Photo lTV CHOSUN

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